The importance of planning

The importance of business planning

The importance of planning

1. Introduction :

Often planning is the first function of the management functions, they are the base upon which the administrative functions of the other. Planning is a continuous process involving the identification of how things to answer questions like what should we do, and is doing, and where, when, and how. By planning you will be able to a large extent as to determine the operational activities necessary to achieve the objectives. The concept of the general layout of the answers to the four questions are:
1. What we want to do?
2. Where we are from that goal now?
3. What are the factors that will help us or hinder us from achieving the goal?
4. What are the alternatives we have available to achieve the goal? And what is a better alternative? Through planning will determine the ways things are going to be undertaken by individuals, departments, and the organization as a whole for days, and months, and even years to come.
What is planning?

Planning is the process of determining the reality of the employer, and the goals it seeks to achieve, and the ways in which you will use to achieve those goals. Planning process takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of the employer, and the opportunities and risks that surround it.

Definitions again :

Planning : is to put your goals in the program workable, and draw a clear picture for the future and identify the steps and actors to get to this image, and how to deal with time and the priority 0 which is does not do but little, which we always do, that when a set of intentions and ideas that we see their importance and follow up and delivery 0 the we get to achieve the actions of our life's problems Petty recognized 0 we work on the margins of life goals and aspirations do not find their way into the investigation and accomplishment what we're talking about is the process of Organization of ownership, self-adaptation and on the development, accuracy, and follow-up to achieve what she wants.
Planning : is a method or approach aims to confine the possibilities and resources available, study them and determine the procedures used to achieve certain objectives within a certain time period
Planning :is the trend for something ... for what ..., and then work for the functioning of this system and follow that trend. Regulations, not inputs and processes, outputs and outcomes. Let us make clear more, the inputs to the system include sources such as raw materials, money, technology, and the public and this input in the process is arrange them and organize them neatly in a certain direction in order to achieve the goals set for this system, the outputs are the tangible results resulting from the processes in the system such as the products and services provided to customers, provides another kind called ( outputs, outcomes) for example: the provision of work for the client, and improve the lives of the poor, and thus the systems may include the organization as a whole or its divisions or may be Systems at the level of groups or processes, and so on.

The importance of planning

1. Helps you to determine the trend because it is based on the objectives you previously selected, clear goals contrasting to the direction of, and planning increases the contact clearer.
2. Setting goals and ways to achieve them
3. Achieving a balance between resources and needs
4. Works to increase the efficiency and effectiveness
5. Ensure control and constant follow-up
6. Determine time and cost per operation
7. The development of the base of the regulatory environment as a business that must succeed (the organizational structure). q Determine record levels in each stage can thus measure the achievement of our goals which we can make necessary adjustments in a timely manner
8. Planning reveals to you the facts and provides you things to having a schedule and priorities salary and specific steps with specific dates reveals you the full facts about your goals
9. Planning makes you prepared for the next steps
10. Makes you take better decisions

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