The high rate of trading Korean stock thanks to the movement of stock paid cash

The high rate of trading Korean stock thanks to the movement of stock paid cash
Seoul, August 14 (Yonhap) -- data showed Friday that the rate of trading market the Korean stock daily rose more than 30% this month compared to July, what is attributed to the movement of the stock positive paid cash.
The average trading volume of the Common Stock Exchange both the main and sub -Cosby cost - 31.2 trillion won ($26.3 million) per day in the first 13 days of August, a rise of 31% compared to last month, according to data from the Korea stock.
The average daily trading the highest levels to 33 trillion won in both of the two exchanges on Thursday.
The market observers that the rise to the market situation liquidity-driven and positioned about the retail investors. Closed the stock market on the rise for the ninth consecutive day Thursday, with the Kospi at its highest level, the annual continuously.
Represented the investments of retail investors 72.8% of trading in the stock market this month, increased by 72.5% compared to Beaulieu.
In this regard, reported Lee Jung-kun, an analyst at the company Han invest the money that "the upward trend of the stock exchange the local attract large amount of market liquidity, especially by retail investors".
And effectively the direction of movement of the stock, take individual investors more loans from lenders to buy the stock.
Total margin loans payable to individual investors 15.4 trillion won until the Thursday after bypassing the loans the level of 15 trillion the week before, according to the Federation of the Korean financial investment.

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