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  • 1 Investing in commodities
  • 2 Investing in bonds and stocks
  • 3 Investing in real estate
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Investing in commodities

Trade in goods is considered a good and rare investment idea, as a small number of people go to this field to invest their money, because their returns and the benefits of investment appear after the trade at least five years, and according to what the specialist in Fibonacci trading strategy (Caroline Borodin) pointed out that trade in a silver commodity is The best and safest investment methods ; this is due to the fact that silver is not affected by financial inflation, and because it is a trade in tangible things, so people adhere to it, and besides the silver trade there is also mineral trade, agriculture and energy, all of which are tangible trade that is allowed to be traded in the markets. [1]

Investing in bonds and stocks

Bonds are considered a good investment option, especially in the case of broad bonds, such as agency and municipal bonds, government bonds, savings bonds, etc., but care must be taken when investing money in bonds, provided that the maturities of bonds are not more than five to eight years, because the investor in this case He will face long-term risks, because bonds fluctuate violently just like volatility of stocks , because they respond to interest rates, and for stock investment, so it is through the search for companies with safe profits ratios to distribute profits; that is, they distribute 40-50% of annual profits Investors should invest the rest again in commercial activities to maintain their growth. [2]

Investing in real estate

There are many ways in which real estate can be invested without having to deal with tangible property, and one of these methods is investment in real estate deeds, and this is by investing money in real estate projects and taking profits according to the agreement before starting projects, but the real estate investment faces some risk, and this must be dealt with trusted people, and look for them before you start investing, or can be dealt with private companies function to provide similar investment services to invest in the instruments of real estate ; but without dealing the investor with customers, for example, owning an investor for part of My real estate project without his vision, or having to deal with customers. [3]

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