The most beautiful romantic poems


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  • 3 Your eyes have what is left with heart and what is met
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Romantic poetry

Romantic poetry is considered one of the most beautiful and sweetest types of poetry, because it contains topics in love, love and groans of lovers and their suffering, and romantic poetry carries to live above the stars, the whisper of the night, the planets, and the call of birds and strings, and to complain to them and fly like birds roaming in many seas. Romantic poetry was one of the sweetest dreams that tell the stories of love and lover.

Among the most prominent romantic poets in the pre-Islamic era was the poet Imru Al-Qais, who presented immortal poems to us in describing his love and longing for it. The poet Nizar Qabbani has the greatest impact on enriching romantic poetry, as it inflames people's hearts with many poems that bear the finest meanings of sincere romance, kind love and passionate feelings. Here is a bouquet of the most beautiful romantic poems.

My love ask me

Nizar Qabbani
My love ask me
What is the difference between me and the sky
The difference between you two
That you laughed, my love
I forget the sky
O my heart, my heart is no longer enough
Because the one who loves her is the equivalent of this world
Put my chest in one
Other, it is the minimum space
You still ask me about my birthday
So record what you do not know
The date of your love is my date of birth
The same black eyes
With rainy healthy eyes
I never ask of my Lord except for two things
Keep these two eyes
And it increases in my days two days to write poetry
In these two pearls
I doubt the sky how you can how
To summarize all the women on earth
If you were crazy my girlfriend
Throw a jewel of what you need
Sell ​​your bracelets
And I slept in my eyes

You have what is in the heart and what is found

The Predator
You have what is in the heart and what is found
And for love what was left of me and what was left

I was not the one who would love to enter his heart
But he who sees your eyelids loves

And the contentment, the discontent, the proximity and the intention
A place to tear lying eyeball

The sweetest passion is what doubted his Lord
And in desertion, it is the age forever, hope and fear

My anger at the evidence was drunk with the boy
I interceded with her from a luminous youth

And straighten the smooth of the folds clear
I hidden my mouth from it and accepted my separation

And the horses of deer, like your goodness, have weighed me
I did not find out who was surrounded

And not everyone who loves is relieved if he fails
Afafi satisfies love and horses meet

God gave the boy the days of their pleasure
And does the old Babylonian verb

If you are dressed forever, you will enjoy it
She penetrated, and the garb did not penetrate

And I did not see as the day of their departure
He sent all the murders of all pity

Make eyes spoiled as though
A vehicle whose pupils are above mercury

On the eve they kept us from crying
The goodbye of fear of separation

We say goodbye to them and show us Vienna
Qena Ibn Abi Al-Hija is in the heart of Legion

Doomed worms weaved David
If you fall in it like weaving drenched

A hostile to the property of armies as if
Choose the spirit of the truffles and choose

All shields and deceitfulness upon them
And you flee all walls and ditches to them

He changes it between Al-Luqan and Wasit
And concentrate it between the Euphrates and close

And red returns it as if it is true
He cries blood from the auditor's mercy

Do not tell him what I say then
Brave when the stab is mentioned he misses

Hitting the edges of his swords Bananah
Playful with cracked limbs

Asks him who asks Ghaith a drop
As one who speaks to the ark, please

You found it until you found it every time
And praise came to you from all logic

The King of Rome saw your comfort at the club
He took the place of glorified luminaries

And he left the magical spears as small
To train him with stab wings and wit

He wrote a land from far away
Close to what you have been around

He walked in your path, including his Messenger
He only walked above a truncated important

And when he was close, he made his place hidden from him
Sparkle in brilliance of bright iron

And he accepted that he walked in the rug, so he saw
To the sea a mother seeks full moon rising

The enemies have not discouraged them from their satires
Likewise, undergoing stylized speech

And if you had written it before this
You wrote to him in the veil of Damascene

If it gives you safety, there are means
And if you give him the limit of poison, then create

Did the whites leave the stems from them?
Locked up to slap or slave release

They responded by sending the cats their
And they passed a sheep after her provision

The sword of the light of light became
I showed it between west and east

If he wishes to have a foolish beard
I see him as dust, then he said the right

And how much envy did I mean?
But it is he who crowds the sea sank

And the people test the prince with his opinion
He overlooks the knowledge of every breach

Blinking the tip of the eye is of no use
If the edge of the heart is not with a hammer

O you desires to be refrained
And you who are deprived, you will have a livelihood

And the cheeses of the horse his friend dared
And the bravest of brave people separated him

If the enemies sought in the glory of his glory
His grandfather sought in their plot an exasperated pursuit

And what is shown is the advert
If the happy merit was not successful

Hide your niece from the memory of a beloved and home

Hide your niece from the memory of a beloved and home
To drop the twist between the entrance and carry

So it is clear that the reading does not excuse its fees
When it was woven from the south and north

She sees the Baar Al-Arum in her harms
And her sexual intercourse is like the love of peppers.

As if they were eating lunch on the day of bearing
When the Samarra neighborhoods we flip Handal

Standing with my companion on their stretch
They say they do not let you down.

My recovery is a lost word
Does a student have a reliable drawing?

Like your mother from the mother of Al-Howeith before her
The mother of the god of the god of the gods did it to her

When you get musk for them,
Nessim Al-Saba came wild carnations

Tears of eyes poured out of me,
So far, even my tears carry me

Is not your Lord a day for you which is good?
Not even a day at the jungle circuit

And on the day of my virgins, I stole my dead
What a wonder of its enduring core

So the virgins kept their flesh
Grease as a spoiled Damask fringe

And on the day I entered the anesthesia, the anesthesia was
So those woes said, you are my feet!

She says the Glee has tended us together
You licked my hair, oh captain, so go ahead.

So I said to Haseeri and relax his control.
And do not keep me away from your reasoned side

Like you, I was pregnant and knocked
So her goddess who converted converts

If he cried behind her, she would have spent it
Hard, and underneath her flat he was not converted

And one day on the back of the blues, I couldn't
Ali, the alliance of an alliance has not been analyzed

He weaned out some of this pampering
And if you had let my heart down, then make me beautiful

And if you have made you angry with me,
Amuse my clothes, and you shall be clothed

Entice me to love your killer
And you do whatever Camry heart?

And your eyes were not shed, except for beating me.
With your shares in the tenths of a slain heart

An egg of anesthesia whose experts are not tossed
I enjoyed having fun without hurrying

I overcame her guards and ten days
I must take care of them and make my killers happy.

When the rich people in the sky are exposed,
Was exposed during the detailed scarf

So I came and slept for her clothes.
With the veil, only the favorable attire

So the two gods said, "You have no trick."
But if I see the purpose of you, it will reveal

I went out with her walking behind us
On our impact, a carried over carried tail

When we sanctified the neighborhood and he slaughtered
Pena, the belly of Khift, the barrier of Aqqal

I rushed to my head, so I wobbled
I have to digest the scrap, leaving the pickle

If she turns towards me, her wind will be lost
The boy’s breeze came the wild pink

A white, non-negotiated t-shirt
Their arrangement is polished like a log

Whistle is too early
It was fed by the water of the undissolved water

Block and show your path and fear
Looking at a parasite jar monster

As good as Reem is not outrageous
If it is its text, it is not broken down

A branch adorns the sturdy black charcoal
Athith as a troubled palm tree

Its reproduction is somewhat high
The vein becomes deceptive in Muthanna and Mursal

And a gentle robe, like a short controversy
Legs like a humiliating watering tube

And you give a non-shimmery license as if
Doing races in Abu Dhabi or your equivalent

It lights the darkness as if it were dinner
The beacon of a spiced monk

And the musk boy is sacrificed over her bed.
Naum the victim did not speak about the preference

To like it, they dream of pouring youth.
If you start a shield between a shield and a roving

The men's blinds begged the boys
It is not my heart to haunt you with a breed

Is there no Lord in your opponents
Advice for his uncompromising failure

And at night the waves of the sea relax their seas
I have all kinds of worries to be afflicted

So I told him, when he was crucified with his crucifixion
And he spared the old and the old, all together

O long night, do not evacuate
With the morning, and the best example of you is morning.

Woe to you, as if it were his nights
With all the twists, the wicks are drawn

As if the chandeliers were stuck in their arms
Through the practice of linen to the deaf of Jandal

I have been more powerful in birds and in their accents.
Once again, the children are placed in a structure

Cunning mastermind inevitable future together
Like a rocky skin, the stream of rocks leaned from it.

How much the hair is removed from its body
Just as the serenity is still cleared

Anointing when the rosaries are in color
Make dust with the laden diligently

An armored armor, as if its defeat
If his fever juts boiling over a boiler

Ghulam abandons his loud voice
He wriths with the veins of heavy violence.

A tree like the newborn’s command
Stirring palms with conducting strings

It has an antelope view, and an ostrich leg
Relaxing a stalk, and getting close to sputtering.

As if on the shoulders of it if he
Do you have a bride or a ritual prayer?

He became sad for him and his leprosy
He remained in my list as a non-sender

So it was a secret to us as if he were sheep.
Virgins in rounded appendices

So I looked like a joints between them
In general, in general, the authorized

So, we have rightfully guided our guides and wrote it down
Its gems are in a deserted, un-woven place.

So it is hostility between a bull and an ewe
Drakk, and did not run off with water, so that he washes

And the meat cooks remained ripe.
An accelerated summer grill or pot.

He was gone and the party was shaking his head
When the eyes are lightened when they inhale

As if the blood of the guides in his blood
The henra juicer with a grayish man

And when he turned it around, he blocked it.
In addition, the Earth is not insulated.

Warmest you see a lightning I will show you and its light
With both hands in a tired love

His light shines or lamps of a monk
The safety of the Sultad with the wicked

I went to him and my friends between Hamer
Between Ikam, after my hopes

So it became clear as water for every leg
It is lying on the chin of Doha, the cannibal

A crocodile that did not leave a stump of a palm tree
No duress, except a gendarme

As though the heights of the head of the magma are tomorrow
From water and sickness to the spindle of spindles

As if the father of Avian and his accuracy
The oldest people in hard-won

He threw his desert away from the desert.
Descending from the faulty Yamani

As if one seventh of it sank glanders
With the utmost delusion, the tubes are

On cotton, in the shemum, the right of the greenhouse
And his ease over the veil, withering.

He cast a night with his blessings
So he sent away from him the punishment from every house.

Poems about old love

Mahmoud Darwish
On the ruins we rose
Face us on the sand
If summer winds pass
We set out the handkerchiefs
Leisurely .. leisurely
And we wanted to fold two songs, such as the prisoners
We dodge the drop of tall
Come once in mind
It is late at night
You expose me of colors and shade
And protect me from humiliation!
And in your eyes, my old moon
Attracts me original
To blue it off
Under the sun ... and palms
Far from the exile.
Close to my family's fever

Childhood craved in you.
Spring birds have flown
And your voice was, McCann,
From wells sometimes
Sometimes it rains me
Pure like fire
Like trees .. Like poems pouring down
In your eyes was something I desire
And I was waiting
Attract me to your ulnar
Hold me captive
Forgive you
The child craved in you
Since it flew
Spring birds
Strip the trees!

And we are on the way
As if we are prisoners
My hand, I did not know, or your hand
She needed pain
Who else?
It was not released, as usual,
In my chest or in your chest ..
Anniversary of Remembrance
As if we were passing a trail,
Like all people,
The given
There is no longing
No regrets
Not bad
We dive into crowds
Let's buy our little things
We did not leave for our night
Ash .. Reminds Jamra
And something in my arteries
Call me
To drink from your hand, keep the remembrance

Get off, once, a planet
He walked on our fingers
He did not tire
And when I saw your lips
Raspberry water
I accept, then drink
And when I wrote about your eyes
I pick up everything I write
And we shared our pillow ..
And our coffee
And when I went ..
Did not go
Perhaps I became forgotten
You have
Like a cloud in the wind
Coming to Morocco ..
But if I try
I forget you ..
He landed on a planet

You glory
Wander in my imagination
From your friend ..
Imprisonment and registration
See you, lean
To the pillow
Filly ... running
I feel cold nights
In my blood she chews
I call you childhood
Drinks the forehead
Your name is spring
Herbs and rose rose
I call you the sky
The rain and thunder fell
You glory
It is not my joy to reveal me
I have no promise
You .. glory

And we realized the evening ..
And the sun was
She lay off her hair at sea
And the last kiss dock
On my eyes like embers
Get me the wind
And kiss me
For the last time in a lifetime
And the morning realized it
And the sun was
She combed her hair in the east
Her henna and wedding
And a ticket to the Palace of Slavery
Take the songs from me
And remind me ..
A lightning bolt
And he realized me the evening
And the bells were
Knock on the beloved procession
And my heart is cold like diamonds
My dreams are boxes on the harbor
Take me spring
Say goodbye

Small matters

Nizar Qabbani
Small matters
You pass by ... without paying attention 
Equal I have my life 
All my life .. 
Accidents .. may not interest you 
The oldest of them are palaces 
And live on it for months 
And I spin many stories from it 
And a thousand skies .. 
And a thousand islands .. 
Your little business 
When you smoke, kneel before you 
Like your good cat 
And be safe 
I am chasing impressed fan 
Smoke strands 
Distribute it around the corners of the place 
Circles .. circles 
And leave at the end of the night from me 
As a star, as an immigrant 
And leave me, my life's friend 
Smells of tobacco and memories 
And I kept .. 
In a solitary frost 
Increase I .. all increased 
Cigarette wreck

And a plate ... that includes ashes 
Gray includes .. 

And when I'm sick 
And carry your precious flowers 
My friend .. to me 
And put my hands in your hands 
Color returns to me 
The sun sticks to my cheek 
And cry .. and cry .. without will 
And you answer my cover on me

And put my head over the pillow ..

I wished all the best 
My friend ... if I am 
I keep ... I am sick 
To ask about me 
To bear me every day 
Beautiful roses .. 

If the phone rang in our home 
To him I fly 
I .. my ether friend 
With the joy of a small child 
Longing for stray years 
Embrace the rigid machine 
And squeeze its cold wires 
And I am waiting for the sound .. 
Your voice cares about me

A greenhouse full of strong

As the voice of a prophet

Like a star crash sound 
Like the sound of falling jewelry 
And cry .. and cry .. 
Because you thought of me 
Because you are from the balcony of the unseen 
She called me ..

And the day I come to you
To borrow a book
To claim that I came to borrow a book
Stretch out your tired fingers
To the library ..
I was kept in the fog
As if I had an unanswered question ..
Staring at you and the library
Just as the good cat does
Trac discovered?
Do you know?
That I came to other than the book
And that I am only a liar
..And quickly spent to my chambers
Add the book to my sides
As if I carried the presence with me
And turn on my light ... and drop the wall around me
I dig in between the lines .. and behind the lines
And run behind the breaks ... get ready
Beyond spin points
And my head rotates ..
It's like a hungry bird
Look for seed waste
Perhaps ... oh .. my ether friend
I left one of the corners ..
A short phrase of love.
Little garden longing
Perhaps among the sheets I hid something
A little peace ... restore peace to me ..

And when we are together on the way
And take - unintentionally - my arms
I feel, my friend ..
With something deep
Something similar to the taste of fire
On my elbows ..
I raise my hand towards the sky
To make my path endless
And cry .. and cry without interruption
In order to continue my loss
And when I go back to my room in the evening
I take off my shoulder robe
I feel - and what are you in my room -
That your hands
Two phones at the mercy of my elbows
And I stay to worship my weary
Place your warm fingers
How much my blue dress ..
And cry .. and cry .. without interruption
As if my arms are not my arms.

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