How do I take care of myself after the age of forty


  • 1 Beyond the age of forty
  • 2 characteristics of the female at the age of forty
    • 2.1 Health characteristics
    • 2.2 Psychological characteristics
  • 3 How to take care of oneself after the age of forty

Beyond the age of forty

The age of forty is a crucial age in human life, and it is usually referred to as a period of wisdom and guidance. However, this age is characterized by many special and different qualities between the sexes physically and psychologically, and these characteristics differed with the passage of time and with an increase in life expectancy for both sexes with a noticeable increase in favor of women due to Healthy development.

The age of forty is an important transition in a woman’s age until he was called what is called menopause, and it is not a welcome term, because this age is related to some health diseases and transformations, except that many experts see him as a psychological transformation rather than a healthy one and his troubles can be overcome with the wisdom of dealing with it, and the woman may feel It includes happiness for its sense of material independence, logical and wise dealing with problems, achieving youth goals and reconciling with oneself.

Female characteristics at the age of forty

Health characteristics

  • Hormonal change, which is caused by a decrease in the estrogen hormone, and the accompanying fits of fever, heart palpitations, decreased sexual performance and menstruation.
  • The incidence of heart disease, arteries, and redness of the skin associated with the expansion of the arteries.
  • Increased weight, high cholesterol and lipids due to excessive food intake, lethargy, and reduced mobility, which consumes lower levels of energy generated from food, increases accumulation of fat under the skin and on the arterial wall, and thus reduces insulin absorption, which poses the risk of diabetes.

Psychological characteristics

  • Anxiety, fear of stability, and achieving goals.
  • Feeling of no self-confidence.
  • Feeling of regressing beauty, and focusing on the signs of aging.
  • Intellectual maturity.
  • A lot of quarrels with the partner and the decline in the special relationship.

How to take care of oneself after the age of forty

  • Learn about the characteristics of this age and its requirements and sufficient awareness in a way to deal with it, especially what is known as the biological hour of the body, in terms of choosing the appropriate times for sleep, work and rest.
  • Eat healthy and useful food, such as eating adequate quantities of water and reducing stimuli, increasing fiber, calcium-rich food and vitamin C, and eating a little chocolate.
  • Play sports and engage in beneficial activities such as yoga, especially since the body at this age is slow burning calories.
  • Stay away from smoking.
  • Take hormonal supplements that your doctor prescribes.
  • Periodic checks, cervical smear and breast examination to detect tumors early.
  • Contact with friends, and increase social activity.
  • Paying attention to the outward appearance in terms of skin beauty, hair care, and elegance to improve mood and mood.

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