How do I keep myself pregnant


  • 1 pregnancy
  • 2 ways to maintain the health of a pregnant woman
    • 2.1 Eat vegetables and fruits
    • 2.2 Getting iron
    • 2.3 Getting vitamin C.
    • 2.4 Drinking water
    • 2.5 Take folic acid
    • 2.6 Getting rest
    • 2.7 Doing light sports
    • 2.8 Avoid harmful foods
    • 2.9 Avoid stress
    • 2.10 abstinence
    • 2.11 Stay away from drinking stimuli


Pregnancy is considered one of the most difficult periods for a woman due to changes in hormones, where she feels tired, meager, and unable to balance, and she is also exposed to some health problems such as: anemia, iron deficiency, or pressure problems Therefore, the pregnant woman must take care of herself, and in this article we will introduce you to the methods of maintaining the health of the pregnant woman.

Methods of maintaining a healthy pregnant woman

Eat vegetables and fruits

Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits, because they contain a high content of easily digestible fibers, and reduce constipation, in addition to containing minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Get iron

Maintaining iron content in the body by consuming foods that contain iron, or taking iron capsules to reduce anemia and anemia, in addition to avoiding food and drinks that prevent iron absorption.

Get vitamin C.

Eat foods that contain vitamin C, because it helps the body absorb iron.

Drinking water

Excessive water intake during pregnancy to reduce dryness of the body, constipation, maintain blood thinners and prevent high blood pressure.

Take folic acid

Eating folic acid regularly, as it enters the formation of the spinal cord of the fetus and nerves, as it is found in lentils, whole grains, and vegetables, and is taken as capsules.

Get rest

Having enough sleep and rest is one of the factors necessary to reduce depression during pregnancy, and to increase the feeling of well-being, additional pillows can be used.

Light sports

Practicing some light sports, such as walking or swimming, as sport stimulates blood circulation, which increases the infusion of food and oxygen to the fetus, and it also reduces labor pain and organizes breathing.

Avoid harmful foods

Refrain from eating immature foods such as: blue cheese and uncooked meat, because they cause infection with salmonella, and limit eating spicy and salty foods to avoid high blood pressure.

Avoid stress

Tension causes contractions in the womb, and to relieve stress, it is recommended that you practice yoga, listen to relaxing music, and breathe.

stop smoking

Refrain from smoking, and limit sitting beside people who smoke, due to the harmful effects of smoking on the pregnant woman and the fetus, as smoking can cause miscarriage, and the effect of smoking extends after birth so the child may develop asthma, or high blood pressure in the future.

Stay away from drinking stimuli

Avoid drinking stimulants, as drinking coffee every day increases anxiety and stress in a pregnant woman, and it is recommended to replace coffee with calming herbal drinks, such as chamomile.

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