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The oil

Oil is a dense flammable liquid, black that tends to green and is present in the upper layers of the earth's crust, and it is called a set of names the most important of them: alcohol, tar, crude oil, black gold and petroleum, which is an important primary energy source according to energy statistics and studies. In the world, it exists as a raw material consisting of a number of chemical products such as: fertilizers, pesticides, plastics, plastic tools, tubes, fabrics, silk and synthetic leather.

Oil finder

Max Stinky is considered the first oil explorer in the world, and he is one of the top geologists in the California Standard Oil Company "Kasuk" since 1936 AD until the year 1950 AD. Saudi Arabia.

The story of oil discovery

Engineer Max issued a set of instructions and instructions for drilling workers in 1936 AD until a deep well was drilled in Dammam, and after ten months a worker saw 5.7 liters of oil mixed in drilling mud, and on the last day of 1937 workers managed to control the well, and it was dug to a depth 1382 m.

Although the workers reached that distance, they did not find an adequate amount of oils, but in 1938, a large amount of liquids and gases were ejected, especially when the depth of drilling in the well reached 1440 meters, where 1585 barrels were produced on the fourth day of March 1938 AD, and this number rose to 3690 barrels on the seventh day of March, after which 2130 barrels were produced, then 3732 barrels, then 3810 barrels.

When King Abdulaziz learned about the matter, he signed the concession agreement to search for oil in Standard of California, and in 1935 AD he started drilling the well of Dammam, and after the end of seven consecutive months of knowledge a high percentage of gases were produced, but the workers stopped this production because of the disruption of a number Great equipment and tools for drilling.

The importance of discovering oil


Oil is used in electricity generation, lighting and heating of homes, vehicles, installations and buildings of various types and shapes. It is also used in all civil and military fields, as it is involved in land, air and sea transportation of vehicles, and it is a fuel for aircraft, cars, ships, and trains.


Oil enters the production of about 300 thousand industrial products such as: agricultural, war, health, clerical, and domestic industries, paving streets and roads, making water hoses, tables, industrial trees, curtains, industrial sponges, and a large number of plastics and plastic industries.

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