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International calling companies

The world of technology and communications is a vast and magical world that has succeeded in making the globe a small village connected to each other, and undoubtedly it is the major smart phone manufacturers that contributed to the great change taking place in our societies today, among the most important of these companies are Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Huawei , Apple, Motorola and LG, in this article, we will learn about one of the most important of these companies (HTC Corporation).

About HTC

HTC Corporation is a technology company specialized in the field of telecommunications industry, and it is a Taiwanese company headquartered in Taoyuan City, and the president of the company is “Sher Wang”, while the number of its employees reached five thousand five hundred and sixty-nine employees, this company started its work in the year one thousand nine hundred Ninety-seven AD, and has been able to leave its distinctive mark in the electronic market, due to its production of many devices that have benefited other major companies.

Her accomplishments

The company succeeded in building a unique partnership with other major telecom companies, including the five largest European companies, the most important American companies, and many other Asian companies, but in the year two thousand and six AD it was able to put its products on the market using the company name HTC. In the year two thousand and seven AD, it ranked second among the best Asian technology companies, and ranked third in the world. It has launched dozens of products in the local and global markets, and recently cooperated with Google in the production of a developed phone called the nexus one.

HTC phones

HTC has many versions of the phones that invaded the markets, the most important of these are HTC Seven Mozart, Seven Trophy, Desire HD, OneX, HTC One, HTC Mini One, and many other types, in addition to laptops , Tablets, and other smart products.

Among the company's latest versions is the HTC One M8 phone. One of the most important features of this wonderful device is that its structure is made of metal, and its screen is of high accuracy and clarity, and that the size of the device screen has dimensions of (1080 x 1920) pixels, and it has a quad-core processor of up to 2.3 GHz, which makes Its performance is fast and smooth, and the design is very high-end and beautiful, while the camera for the device is dual, and has sensors for the back and front camera, and the company offers a special guarantee for the screen within six months if it is broken, with the possibility of adding additional external memory, but one of the disadvantages of this device is that the quality of the photography does not It exceeds four megapixels, and its battery is not possible Separated from the device in the event of damage, and that the device is not waterproof, unlike some competing devices, the price of the phone is high compared to other smart phones competition.

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