Where to find oil


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 oil
  • 3 The importance of oil and its use
  • 4 Discovering oil
  • 5 Producing countries and oil-consuming countries

an introduction

Life has evolved and its methods and tools have multiplied, so people have increased their demands for what facilitates their lives and accomplishes their activities more quickly and effectively. What is oil, how was it discovered, what is its importance, and how does it help facilitate and develop people's lives?

The oil

Oil; also called black gold, which is a thick, fluid liquid found in the upper crust layer, black in color. The oil formed in the ground as a result of the decomposition of many living organisms due to the influence of a group of factors on them: heat and pressure, and the passage of millions of years on them. The purity and quality of this oil fluid varies depending on where it is extracted.

The importance of oil and its use

Oil is one of the very important materials on the planet, as it is the primary energy source in our lives through which electric energy is generated, so it is used as fuel for motors that in turn generate electricity, and oil is also used to run factories, and as fuel for engines of various means of transportation that facilitate People have to move. Oil also comes in the composition of many materials and industries such as fertilizers, asphalt and many other plastics.

oil discovery

The oil was discovered for the first time in the United States of America in 1845 AD, during the process of extracting salt from the ground, where workers found that viscous black liquid which is oil, and after many refining operations of this liquid by the pharmacist "Samuel Care", the possibility was reached The use of this refined material in lighting instead of candles; thus the importance of oil was discovered, as the first oil extraction well was drilled in 1849 CE in America in Pennsylvania.

Producing countries and oil-consuming countries

The Arab Gulf states are generally considered one of the largest oil-producing countries in the world. An organization called "OAPEC" was established and it includes the Arab oil-exporting countries, including: Egypt, Tunisia, Kuwait, Syria and Iraq. There is an "OPEC" organization that includes oil-exporting countries from around the world, and its number includes twelve countries, including: Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Nigeria. As for the oil-consuming countries, the United States is the largest consumer of oil in the world, so the transportation sector has the share The largest of this consumption, as the United States of America consumes approximately 25% of global oil production. With the great importance of oil and the great dependence of people on it, the more it consumes, the sooner it will run out, so we have to search quickly for an alternative to oil to provide us with energy before it is too late.

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