where is the Mona Lisa painting?


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  • 2 The location of the Mona Lisa
  • 3 The reality of the Mona Lisa
  • 4 The techniques used to draw the Mona Lisa
  • 5 Steal the board and return it
  • 6 The Mona Lisa throughout the ages
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the Mona Lisa painting

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous international paintings, and it was painted by the famous Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci, and he is one of the most famous painters throughout the ages. [1] And whoever looks at the Mona Lisa observes her sad smile with a look of her eyes that is dominated by mystery, it is said: Da Vinci was He hired a clown to keep her smile while he was drawing it. The Mona Lisa is also called the geoconda, and the plate is small in size compared to other Da Vinci paintings , as it is 30 inches long, and its width is 21 inches. [2]

The location of the Mona Lisa

Some prevailing beliefs say: The Mona Lisa is not complete, as many of its details are believed to have disappeared or destroyed due to its transfer from one frame to another; the painting remained with Da Vinci in which he moved from one country to another to show his skills and creativity in drawing, [3] where he carried Da Vinci painting, beginning with Milan, then Rome, then France. [4] King Francis I purchased the plate, and placed it in the chateau of Chateaubontblue, then the painting was transferred to the Palace of Versailles, and in 1798 AD it was transferred to the Louvre Museum in Paris, then Napoleon took it and put it in his bedroom when the French Revolution occurred, [5] and that was in the year 1800 AD, until the Mona Lisa was returned to the Louvre Museum in Paris by 1804 CE. [4] The Mona Lisa is now in the Louvre MuseumIn Paris, it is visited by about six million people annually, and everyone can look at it in just 15 seconds. [6]

The reality of the Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503 AD, and finished it in 1510 CE, [5] where he drew at the request of the Italian silk merchant Francisco Del Giocondo, who was a close friend of Da Vinci , [3] he was asked to draw his third wife as an expression of his love According to the Italian historian Giuseppe Pallanti, it has been worked out for 25 years. [6]

It was said: Francisco Del Giocondo did not receive the painting because Da Vinci took a long time to paint it, and although there are indications of the presence of the Mona Lisa in the past, and her knowledge seemed to be Vinci personally, these indications do not prove that she is the same woman present in the painting, [2] No one knows exactly who the woman is depicted in the painting. Some say that she is the mother of Da Fashni, and there are those who claim that she is a figment of his imagination, as others claim that she is the embodiment of the Virgin Mary. [6]

There are many accounts about the Mona Lisa and the secret of her sad smile. There is a novel that says she was called Madonna Lisa de Antino, the third wife of the Italian silk merchant Da Vinci's friend . As for her sad smile, Da Vinci analyzed the matter with his artistic expertise, and discovered that she was loving someone else, She died of a chronic muscular disease, and since then she has not laughed, and he has also discovered that she married a silk merchant against her will, and there are other sources who say: She was pregnant, and she is sad because of the pain she was feeling. [2]

A Chinese writer and historian named Angelo Paratico said: The Mona Lisa is a painting painted by Da Vinci for his mother, a Chinese maid named Katrina, and said: The relationship between his father who is believed to be a government writer and his mother was denounced by those close to him, because it is a servant, and Baratico has researched in This issue took years to prove that, and it also concluded that she moved to the city of Vinci because the relationship with servants was inappropriate at the time, and Paratico said: (During the Renaissance, countries like Italy and Spain were full of eastern slaves, as Sigmund Freud said in 1910 The Mona Lisa Perhaps it was a picture of his mother, in the background of the picture there are Chinese landscapes, and even her face appears to be Chinese), and this theory has been refuted by art historian Vitor Teixeira, indicating that Da Vinci's features do not indicate that he is of Chinese origin, so the idea of ​​his mother being Chinese Far from reality.[2]

The techniques used to draw the Mona Lisa

On the artistic level, the Mona Lisa became famous because of the use of an innovative technique in drawing it. Da Vinci used an innovative technique that combines the side and front sections in the paintings of people, so that it gives the appearance of the personification of the painted person, and this technique is called the middle projection. Objects were completely drawn either with side projection or forward projection, and both did not give depth to the image. Anyone who looks at the Mona Lisa carefully and with an artistic eye will notice that it takes a hierarchical form, as the two hands are located on the two adjacent bases of the pyramid, while the shoulders and head form the opposite sides of the pyramid, and many great contemporary painters, including Raphael , imitated the style of Leon . [2]

Another technique presented by Da Vinci that was not known before the Mona Lisa is camouflaged painting, whether for features or background, a method in which clear lines of features do not appear, as colors overlap between them in a fuzzy way to finally show the shape that the artist wanted to embody, and this technique enabled da Vinci of merging two different backgrounds from each other; Valkhalafah that the right of Mrs. drawn differ from the background on her left, as if da Vinci drawing each one of them from different heights, and shows the difference in the tilt, the horizon line, and the depth of the picture. [2]

Steal the painting and return it

In 1911, a French youth named Perugi stole the Mona Lisa from the museum, [3] and no one noticed the disappearance of the painting. Even the guards believed that the location of the painting had been changed for the purpose of photographing, and they did not realize that it had been stolen until the next day, and this was a great event, it was closed The museum has nine days, the French border has been closed, all trains and ships were searched, and two years later the real thief, Vincenzo Perugi, was arrested and a carpenter working at the Louvre at the time, which made it easier for the theft. [6]

Vincenzo Perugi sold the painting 451230 to an artist of Italian origin called Alfredo Jerry, and when Alfredo confirmed that it was the original Mona Lisa da Vinci, he informed the Italian authorities who had arrested the thief, and placed the Mona Lisa in the Beaufort Gallery. The French government learned about the matter, and it undertook several negotiations with the aim of returning the painting, and these negotiations almost ended with the interruption of the relationship between the two countries, except that it ended with the restoration of the painting, and with it the thief to try him for his action, [3] and when he was tried he could convince the government that he was a Italian national, and that he intended To return the painting to Italy, where its original affiliation, and thus was sentenced to only six months' imprisonment. [6]

Mona Lisa throughout the ages

Throughout the ages, the Mona Lisa was vandalized by many people. In 1956 a man threw acid on it, and in the same year a woman threw a rock at her, and in 1974 AD when the painting was on display in Tokyo a woman sprayed a red paint on her, and in 2009 a woman threw a woman Upset about her denial of French nationality, a cup of coffee on the plate that she had bought from the museum’s market itself. As for the nature’s role in destroying the painting, it represented the effect of moisture on it, as it led to the occurrence of marvels in the wooden frame, and the occurrence of a crack that started from the top of the plate and reached a hair The Mona Lisa, all those things that happened T, pushed to surround the plate with bulletproof glass to preserve it. [6]

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