When was the oil discovered?

The oil

It is the dense liquid that has a greenish-black color and is a flammable material. Its composition includes a number of components and forms a group of hydrocarbons, and it has several names, crude oil, tar, and black gold.

Oil is extracted from the first upper layers of the earth's crust, and the location of its extraction is an influential point in the difference in the types of oil between each other in terms of appearance, composition, and purity. It is mentioned that oil is extremely important globally, as it takes the first rank among energy sources according to energy statistics at the world level .

The United States of America tops the list of oil-consuming countries, consuming more than 80 million barrels per day, equivalent to a quarter of global oil production, meaning that it reaches 75% of its oil imports.

oil discovery

The fourth century AD is considered the year of seeing the oil of the light, as China drilled its first oil well, where it resorted to the process of evaporation of salt water by burning the oil material and thus extracting oil and producing it, and bamboo pipes were the tool used to access the sources of salt water.

By the end of the eighth century AD, the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, was resorting to the use of the so-called bitumen for the purposes of paving newly emerging roads, and it is indicated that this material is inspired by oil filtrations hidden in the ground.

As for the ninth century AD, it witnessed a great start for the oil fields, as Baku and Azerbaijan started the process of producing oil for the first time to be used economically. A number of fields were set aside to reach the oil tanks in the ground.

The discovery of oil began virtually in the year 1853 AD, when history recorded the first distillation of oil. So kerosene was extracted as the product of this distillation process, followed by the establishment of the first shale oil mine in the city of Burbka in the southern part of Poland. Refining plant, and with the advent of the year 1861 AD, Russia established the first oil distillery from its natural fields in Baku.

Canada, the East Indies, Iran, Venezuela, and Mexico began to discover vast areas of oil fields in 1910, and in 1925 AD oil was first discovered in the Arabian Peninsula; this was in the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

World economic history states that the period between 1973-1979 AD The world lived through two so-called energy crises, and governments began to shed light on all means to meet energy needs.
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