When did the first Olympic Games start?

When did the first Olympic Games start?

The Greek myth "Hercules" was the first to start with the Olympic Games, and that the oldest recordings obtained in these games were in the year 776 BC. M, and that on the plain of Mount Olympia, and these Olympic Games were held every four years, and for more than 1000 years, the Romans worked to stop these games in the year 394 BC.

The Greeks saw that the games they play are of great importance and these games are the embodiment of the Greeks ideals that the mind, spirit and body are endowed with, so there is nothing to stop these games even if there are wars.

After fifteen centuries passed, the French Baron Bieber Coubertin came to revive the idea of ​​the Olympic Games, and this international conference was held in Paris and it is made up of fifteen countries. Everyone agreed to the idea of ​​reviving the Olympic Games and that they are held every four years and after two years of this conference the Olympic Games were held The talk at the Athens stadium and today the Olympic Games includes many games that did not exist before (water polo, basketball, archery, football)
Flag of the Olympics
This science is a white flag in which there are five rings that are interconnected, represented by the world's continents (Asia - Africa - Europe - and America and Oceania) and this is an invitation to the world to show solidarity with each other to forget the hatred and differences between them and that the one who chose the idea of ​​this flag is the French Pepper de Coubertin In 1913, he is also the founder of these modern Olympic Games to this day.
The Olympic Movement is a common activity in countries for people to do under one slogan 
It is the friendship between peoples and the promotion of peace, a spirit of understanding, respect and mutual trust with each other, and its main goal is to promote and spread this sport all over the world. .
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