What is made of oil


  • 1 Vaseline industry
  • 2 Aspirin industry
  • 3 Coloring pens
  • 4 Manufacture of clothing
  • 5 Agricultural fertilizers industry
  • 6 Plastic industry
  • 7 References

Vaseline industry

Vaseline is made from oil derivatives, it is a gelatinous sticky substance that results from a mixture of mineral oils and candles, and it is widely used in preserving the skin's moisture and preventing it from drying, as it is used in the treatment of cracked lips, and to reduce the rash that affects children in the conservation area It can also be used as an effective eye make-up remover, in addition to being used to stabilize the fragrance. [1]

Aspirin industry

The industry aspirin of a substance that consists of hydrocarbons such as gasoline, and its use is spreading widely, it is the safest of drugs, and is used for headaches, fever, or for the prevention of heart disease and stroke. [2]

Coloring pens industry

The crayons consist of a solid waxy substance called paraffin, this substance is used in the formation of petroleum. These pens are used in schools and homes by children. [2]

clothes manufacture

Enters the oil in the manufacture of nylon material resulting from oil derivatives, they are well - known material since ancient times , which are like women 's clothing including socks and tight pants industry. [2]

Agricultural fertilizers industry

The oil material is considered important in the agricultural sector, as it is the most used sector for oil products. Oil enters the manufacture of agricultural fertilizers through the use of ammonia, which is found in oil. It is also used in the production of pesticides in order to preserve the health of agricultural crops, in addition to its use in operating machinery Various agricultural. [3]

plastic industry

Plastic is one of the materials that are used in the manufacture of organic materials, such as: crude oil, natural gas, cellulose, coal, and salt, where plastic is used in the manufacture of many of the materials that we use extensively in our daily life, as it is used in the manufacture of clothes in abundance, as it enters In the automotive and gaming industries, video discs, computer and television screens. [4]

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