What is integrated medical care

How many of you suffer or know someone who has at least two or three health problems?
Chronic diseases usually do not come individually but rather tend to come together because there are some common factors in the etiology.
These diseases usually come together in whole or mostly:
1. Heart and arterial diseases.
2. Pressure.
3. Diabetes.
4. Joint pain and its multiple diseases.
5. Tension and depression.
What to do in this case is that the patient often moves between the various specializations related to his health problems, but what happens is that every doctor looks at the patient as part and not as a whole ... mostly deals with the problem related to his specialty ... in this case a problem may be neglected at the expense of the other .

What I advise you to do is the following:
1. You must have one doctor who is familiar with your condition as a whole and is aware of the specifics of your treatment. This is usually done in the clinic of the internal internal medicine doctor where the main follow-up is with him and he will refer you to the appropriate authority as needed.
2. When visiting any specialist for any of the problems that you suffer from, you should make sure that you are aware of other diseases that you suffer from and remember the list of treatments that you use.
3. You should keep a regular checklist of appointments with your primary physician because sometimes there is a need for new checks or adjustments to treatments.
4. You must inform your doctor during your periodic reviews of any health problem that concerns you most and suffers from it, so that its issue is considered first before any other problem.
5. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
6. Reducing carbohydrates and fats.
7. Exercise as much as possible.
8. Make sure to get adequate amounts of rest and sleep.
9. Social communication with relatives and friends so that you do not feel lonely and that you are trapped in your home and illness.
It is very important, dear, for your doctor to see you as a whole and not as a part of treatment for all your health problems and to listen to any problem on a personal level that may affect your condition in terms of commitment to treatment and follow-up.
Dr. Nisreen Wajdi Al-Salata

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