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the health

Health is the general state of the body and mind, with reference to the integrity of the functions of all members of the body, recovery from any illnesses, and the individual's psychological and mental happiness, [1] and health is the extent of the individual's physical, emotional, mental, and social ability to adapt to the environment that surrounds him. [2]

Behaviors that maintain health

Attention to physical health has increased with the development of health services in the world and the development of medicine as well, by treating some diseases that were difficult or fatal, and human behavior has become an important element to maintain the general health of the body, so behaviors must be improved by following the following: [3 ] Among these behaviors: [4]
  • Adhering to healthy habits.
  • Get support from health professionals.
  • Maintaining the right weight by reducing the calories eaten, which leads to an increased sense of vitality and vitality.
  • Eat healthy food. [Doing exercise. [5]
  • Fighting diseases, through a proper diet, and maintaining the level of blood pressure in the body, this leads to a healthy blood flow, and reduces the risk of heart disease. [5]
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle and breaking the bad habits of eating ready meals, as this helps to reduce disease and improves physical health. [5]

Mental and emotional health

Reflect the health of mental and emotional about the extent of happiness enjoyed by the individual, in addition to self - confidence, flexibility, and awareness, as the enjoyment of good mental health leads the individual to cope with the problems of life better, and protect him from falling into the setbacks, [6] It is worth mentioning that health Psychological plays a very important role in maintaining physical health and vice versa. [7] Among the things that improve mental health are:
  • Doing exercise, this stimulates the production of endorphins, a chemical in the brain that increases the feeling of happiness and relaxation, as the exercise of physical exercises improves the physical appearance, and thus enhances mental health, increases the sense of confidence, and leads to Reducing stress and improving mental and cognitive abilities.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Building good social relationships helps to maintain mental health, and this can be through volunteering, watching movies, and joining a club. All of these practices improve health, mood and mental performance. [5]

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