What is the first pet bird

What is the first pet bird?

The geese are considered a waterfowl with a weight of approximately twelve kilograms, and the female is slightly less than this weight.

The geese played a great importance in the economy of some countries in the world and this is due to the speed of growth and ease of feeding it as it feeds on weeds or residues of homes and farms and is considered one of the birds with high resistance to diseases.

It is worth noting that humans started raising birds before 2500 BC, but the strange thing is that the ancient Egyptians began breeding about 3800 years ago, so that this reflects that it is the first bird that has been raised by humans.

The geese are of great economic importance in many countries of the world due to the rapid growth and the ability to feed on weeds and farm waste and kitchens and disease resistance compared to other types of poultry and also because of its good adaptation to the different breeding conditions and climate.

In the last century, goose breeding gained special importance for the production of downy feather and goose liver.

Among the most important veins of geese:

- Goose cities.
African geese.
- Toulouse geese.
Roman geese.
Chinese geese.
- Other strains.

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