What is Einstein's invention


  • 1 Einstein's invention
  • 2 recent applications
    • 2.1 GPS navigation
    • 2.2 Weather forecast and stock market investment
    • 2.3 Photoelectric applications
    • 2.4 Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy
  • 3 References

Einstein's invention

Albert Einstein is one of the greatest thinkers in history, and his name is related to genius. He was a German physicist and mathematician, and although he was not an inventor such as Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, his theories of relativity gave rise to a new look to both Time, location, matter, energy, and gravity. His theories also led to important advances like controlling atomic energy, space exploration, and light applications. [1]

Einstein's most famous theories are the special theory of relativity related to the speed of light, and the general theory of relativity that talks about everything related to gravity. [2]

Modern applications

Among the recent inventions that relate to Einstein's theories:

GPS navigation

Einstein's theories contributed to determining the directions of locations that depend on satellites orbiting the Earth at a speed of approximately 8,700 miles per hour, as well as they are far from the Earth a great distance, and this means that the timing of time is different between them and people on the ground, and to correct this was adopted the speed of the satellite hours To be 38 microseconds faster than Earth's hours. [3]

Weather forecast and stock market investment

The movement of molecules in the fluid was a bewildering phenomenon for scientists, and Einstein was able to assume that the suspended particles collided with the molecules of the liquid, which enabled him to measure the distance that the molecule can travel at a certain distance, and this was the basis for many complex systems starting with weather forecasts to invest in stocks. [3]

Photoelectric applications

Thanks to Einstein's explanation of the photoelectric theory, namely that light can be an electric current, automatic doors, burglar alarms, solar panels, and digital cameras have been invented, as well as lasers based on the stimulated emission principle. [3]

Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy

Einstein's discovery of the link between energy and mass, which he expressed in his famous equation "Energy = Mass x Square Speed ​​of Light", explained the release of energy by separating the nuclei of atoms. [3]

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