What do we make of oil


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an introduction

The discovery of oil was one of the great discoveries that led to great changes in the whole world, as it was a cause of great development in the world, and the discovery of oil led to the rise of many countries and their development such as the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, America and European countries. We use it on a daily basis, such as cars, cooking gas, power stations and machines, so it is now impossible to dispense with oil because of the heavy dependence on man, which is the main source of energy today.

The oil

It is a dense liquid that tends to be black or dark brown in color and is flammable and is considered a source of energy and is also called black gold, and the name came as black gold, because it is one of the most important sources of raising money for the state and generates a lot of profit and money for the state in which oil is discovered, as oil was A reason for the renaissance of the Gulf states and their economic development in a large and rapid manner, as oil is a source of wealth for countries, and many different energy sources can be made using oil and extracting many gases.

What we make of oil

  • Gasoline: There are two types of it, heavy gasoline and light gasoline, and it is used as fuel for cars and the various means of transportation that we use in our daily life.
  • Kerosene: There are also two types of it, which are light kerosene and used as fuel for homes or as a solvent, and heavy kerosene is used as fuel for jet engines.
  • Diesel: It can be used as diesel fuel and can also be used for heating.
  • Gas: It is also called refinery gas and is different from home cooking gas.
  • Lubricating oil: It is used as oil for various engines.
  • Asphalt and wax: It is not from gases, but from the thick extracts that are extracted from oil.

This was the most important thing that can be extracted from oil, and it is used in various fields in life and led to the emergence of many electrical tools, machines and factories that depend on petroleum products. The oil passes through several stages after being extracted in order to obtain the derivatives that we want.

Stages of oil extraction

  • Exploration: Where the company specialized in drilling and drilling for oil predicts the location of the petroleum by studying the nature of the soil and conducting a geophysical survey, and knowing the possibility of the presence of petroleum in the region from its absence before starting drilling and extraction.
  • Drilling and drilling: After determining the area in which oil is expected to be located, the specialized company shall put drilling and exploration equipment and start drilling to extract the oil.
  • Production and transportation: After the oil is extracted, it is transported in special oil pipelines, either to export ports or to oil refineries.
  • Refining and Marketing: After transporting oil through pipelines, it is filtered in the petroleum refineries and extracting various derivatives from it, in order to be sold and marketed.
After oil passes through all these stages, we obtain the various energy sources that we use daily.

  • Oil refining: It is the introduction of oil in huge refineries in order to separate its components and purify it from the impurities associated with it, by raising the temperature in several stages.
The discovery of oil has resulted in the dispensing of coal in the production of energy, as oil is better and less harmful than the use of coal, but that does not mean that there is no damage to the use of oil in the production of different energy sources, in addition to that, as we know that oil is a non-renewable energy source Certainly, oil production will end one day and this will lead to major problems in the world due to the heavy dependence on oil.

Disadvantages of running out of oil reserves

  • Stopping petrol stations and operating electrical energy, which will lead to a catastrophe in the world because of the daily dependence of human life on the existence of electricity mainly.
  • Communication between people will stop because of the breakdown of electricity-dependent means of communication such as the Internet.
  • Stop the movement of cars, transport, communications and airplanes, and the world will return to using primitive means of transportation.
And all these bad possibilities that a person cannot imagine occurring, especially after accustoming to the comforts that the world can avoid if the methods of renewable and continuous energy are invented and depend entirely on them such as (water energy, wind energy, sun energy). It has no environmental damage or dangers, other than using oil and the damage it causes to the environment.

Oil use damages

  • Air pollution with gases that damage the atmosphere and lead to major problems in the ecosystem.
  • Extraction of oil next to the beaches leads to a disruption of the water system of aquatic animals and damage to the natural life that they were living.
  • The emergence and increase of global warming and its negative impact on temperature and air.
  • Impact on human health, due to inhalation of harmful gases that result from the engines of cars that run on oil derivatives.

Certainly, no one denies the virtue of oil in changing the life of the whole of mankind, but this does not mean that we underestimate the side effects caused by the use of oil and we must try in every way to reduce the damages of oil derivatives and the risks of oil extraction and the different methods of transport that are harmful to soil, environment, animals and people as well. Scientists have already realized the dangers of using oil derivatives in the world, and scientists have been developing many research so that they can use alternative energy sources instead of oil.

Models have been invented from solar energy inventions such as: (solar powered car, wind power generation, electric power generation using sea water) and indeed these experiments have shown great success in producing energy and without negative impacts on the environment, but they need some Development so that its use can be generalized throughout the world and depend entirely on it instead of oil, because an alternative to the use of oil for energy generation must be invented before the stockpile runs out of the world, so that people do not experience a real disaster.

Especially since the hospitals have become totally dependent on electricity for treating patients, if you cut off the electricity for five minutes, this will lead to a catastrophe between patients and their exposure to death also if the problem is not solved as quickly as possible. The negative effects caused by the use of oil derivatives mainly in daily life, because of the environmental problems that this caused and an environmental disorder in nature.

Also, all of this negatively affects life on the planet and human health, and has led to the spread of many diseases that did not exist previously. Therefore, the world must be more keen on preserving the environment and the human being before continuing to use what benefits it, and all the risks and damages that may be caused to the human being as a result of using any new invention invented by man should be studied. And keep his health and the lives of those around him before thinking about the pros of this new thing that was invented.

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