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account manager

The term account manager may relate to managing customer accounts in large companies, which is a general term, where the customer account manager works in various fields, and here it can be said that the account manager is the person who performs a variety of tasks to manage the relationship between the business owner , And customers, as it helps to develop different businesses that aim to attract new clients, and manages various fields, such as financial services , sales, and media matters, [1] [2] and it also helps in the field of technology as well; as it is an important member of the marketing team And sales, not unbelievable Its role is to sell customers as a sales employee, but rather to establish a relationship with the customer, and establish a point of contact between the customer and employersOr the company, to ensure the provision of high-quality services, and to meet customer requirements. [3]

The financial account manager is called the (Account Manager), or the name of (Accounting Manager), and whatever his name is in the English language, it can be defined as the person who applies and develops the system that is concerned with studying the financial conditions of the company, collects financial information, studies it, and analyzes it in an accurate analysis, Then he prepares reports for the responsible authorities, and reports any defect that may happen in relation to financial matters , and also falls within the scope of his work to manage financial matters related to employees, such as employment, training, and all this with a view to determining the financial situation. [1] [4] It also supports management in terms of operational decisions, and the chief financial officer’s work can be summed up, Or the manager of financial accounts, that he is responsible or the treasurer of the company in which he works, as it aims to achieve the maximum return for the company from investing its money, while trying to reduce the risks that may be exposed to it to the lowest possible extent, as it ensures the presence of control over the transfer of funds, And invest it. [5] In this article, we will look at the duties of a financial account manager.

Account manager tasks

The tasks of the account manager, or the financial manager , may differ from one company to another; in large companies, his role includes strategic analysis, whereas in small companies, his role may be limited to collection and preparation, and the most important tasks of the account manager in different areas come: [6] [7]

Public Administration

  • Analyze any changes that may occur to the company, and any financial matters related to it, and advise management staff.
  • Monitor the factors that affect the performance of the company and achieve its goals.
  • Develop strategies and long-term action plans.
  • Developing external relations with the necessary contacts, such as auditors, attorneys , those working in banks, and legal institutions.
  • Developing financial management methods that would reduce the financial risks that the company may be exposed to.
  • Managing the company's accounting systems, in addition to the financial reporting and control systems.
  • Staff Supervision.
  • Managing tasks related to using any external sources.
  • Overseeing the administrative operations of the treasury, which includes designing the organizational structure necessary to achieve management goals.
  • Maintaining a documented system of various procedures, financial and accounting policies.

Money management

  • Collecting and interpreting financial information.
  • Analyzing financial returns, and forecasting any future financial matters that may happen to the company.
  • Communicate with the company's auditors continuously to ensure the implementation of the annual monitoring.
  • Keeping abreast of developments and changes that may occur in financial legislation and regulations.
  • Managing the company budget .
  • Predicting whether the company will need a specific loan, and knowing how much money is available to make any investment.
  • Maintaining the company's relations with the various banks.
  • Investing money at its best.
  • Ensure that the funds available are sufficient to meet the needs of any operating or capital investment executed by the company.
  • Determine the proper capital structure for the company.
  • Try to increase the capital, and pay off the company's debts, if any.
  • Take the necessary precautions to mitigate any financial risks related to the interest rates on the company's loans and the foreign exchange sites.
  • Dividend appropriately based on old dividend patterns and expected cash flows.

The company's budget

  • Managing the company budget preparation process.
  • Report any differences in the established budget, and the reasons for such differences.
  • Cooperating with the administration in formulating its general strategic directions.

Financial analysis

  • Carry out reviews, analyzes, and evaluation of opportunities to reduce costs for the company.
  • Identify competitors, analyze their methods of competition, determine market trends, and submit reports on key management financial issues.
  • Issuing accurate financial reports on time.
  • Providing new funding sources to reduce the company's debt.
  • Participation in reference studies, which would identify potential areas for operational improvement.
  • Participate in activities necessary to determine the cost, with the aim of creating products that match the price targets previously determined.
  • Participate in determining the prices of products based on their features and competitors' prices.
  • Reviewing matters that contribute to the company suffocating and retreating, and coming up with recommendations that contribute to improving its level.
  • Analyze any financial results of the company, and inform the management about them.
  • Capital budgeting process management based on constraint analysis, discounted cash flows.
  • Attempting to issue additional financial and analytical reports as required by the company.
  • Preparing reports for the major financial businesses.

Account manager skills

As for the skills that must be available in the account manager , they are reflected in the following: [6]
  • Commercial awareness.
  • Analytical capabilities of various business matters.
  • Communication skills, communication.
  • Mathematical skills, and high technology.
  • Initiative, perseverance.
  • The ability to solve problems.
  • The ability to manage time and set priorities at work.
  • The ability to work in a team and build strong relationships within the business.
  • Leadership skills, and motivating others.
  • Have the necessary technological skills and strong knowledge of electronic data tables.
  • The ability to make fast, sound decisions.
  • The ability to negotiate and influence others.
  • Precision, attention to detail.

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