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beauty signs

Beauty differs from one woman to another, just as the taste of people differs in identifying a beautiful woman, because each person has a special taste, whether in looking at matters of life or by defining beauty, or in favoring things or food, and we can define beauty as: good things and their perfection with what befits them That is, every thing or thing whose beauty and goodness lie in its perfection, and some people have agreed on several characteristics of a beautiful woman, we will mention in this article. [1]

Signs of beauty in women

There are many signs of beauty for women, including: [2]
  • The breadth of the eyes: The eyes are the language of acquaintance before speaking. For a woman who has wide eyes, this is a sign and a sign that she is beautiful and attractive.
  • Moles: It is also called (uncle), which adds beauty to women, especially those that are located below or above the lips.
  • Laghmazac: it is considered Winks or Laghmazac of the most prominent signs of beauty in women, whether or Laghmazac Balkhadd Balzguen, the fact that Laghmazac adds a bit of gravity and beauty especially for women when you smile or laugh.
  • Long hair: Most men prefer a woman with long hair. It is the woman’s crown, so the longer the hair, the more prominent her beauty and attractiveness, especially if the hair is soft like silk.
  • Light freckles: Light freckles add to the woman's cheeks a bit of charm, tenderness and femininity.
  • Long eyelashes: Long eyelashes are a sign of a woman's beauty or that show the beauty of the eyes and give them special charm and beauty.
  • Small ears: Men prefer women who have small ears and are consistent with the features of the face, as they give her an innocent and childish appearance.
  • Specific lips : The naturally defined lips are one of the most prominent signs of beauty for a woman, whose limbs are darker than the rest of the lips.
  • Drawn eyebrows: Women who have naturally drawn eyebrows enjoy attractiveness, femininity and natural beauty.
  • Medium stature: Although tallness is considered a sign of beauty, especially among models, a woman who has an average height is more beautiful and more feminine.

Additional signs of beauty

Here are a number of signs that indicate a woman's beauty: [3]
  • Long fingers: Women with long fingers and curved, medium-length nails are beautiful women.
  • Prominent neck bones: Prominent neck bones are one of the most important and famous signs of femininity, attractiveness, and beauty for women, and this is agreed by most of the world.
  • Raised nose: The raised nose is a feature of natural beauty .
  • Slender legs : The woman with slender legs and harmonious texture is a woman of superb beauty.
  • Plantar foot: is the foot in which the metatarsal is raised above the ground in an arc in the interior, and its opposite is the flat foot.
  • Long neck: The woman with the long neck is considered beautiful, attractive and feminine.

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