What are the most important signs of beauty


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    • 1.1 The most important signs of beauty for a woman
    • 1.2 The most important signs of beauty for a man
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beauty signs

The signs of beauty that determine the extent of the beauty of both men and women differ in different peoples, times and places, so what some of the signs of absolute beauty find are others that are signs of beauty that can be neglected or overlooked, according to the personal taste of each individual, and his view of what he sees beautiful and what he sees Not beautiful in both women and men. [1]

The most important signs of beauty for women

Among the most important signs of a woman's beauty are the following: [2]
  • Long eyelashes: the long, thick eyelashes give a dazzling beauty and look to a woman's eyes, as well as increase their breadth and shine.
  • Moderate face: faces vary between long, round, square and triangular faces, and the most beautiful of these types are those that are characterized by moderation so that they are not too long or too round.
  • Specific eyebrows : They are identical and naturally drawn eyebrows, which are compatible with other facial features regardless of their thickness or lift.
  • Dimples : Girls who have clear dimples in the area of ​​the cheeks are most fortunate, where dimples are one of the signs of beauty that many people prefer, which gives the face a distinctive appearance, especially when smiling or laughing.
  • Soft long hair: Long and soft hair is one of the most important features of beauty for girls, and girls resort to many treatments that help them get this type of hair.
  • Beautiful textures: so that the girl’s height is average, it does not exceed the length of the man and does not diminish much from it, and that the limits and details of her body are clear and a suitable weight that is not excessive and not very slender but full of a slim waist.

The most important signs of beauty for men

Among the most important signs of a man's beauty are the following: [3]
  • Length: Height is an important sign of beauty in men, so it is preferable for a man to be long enough to fit in such a way that his height does not exceed the reasonable limit and not less than the average suitable length for men.
  • Wide chest: Men care about twisted muscles and a wide chest, as this adds goodness to their bodies, so many men practice weightlifting and pressure exercises to achieve this.
  • Dark skin: The brown or wheaten skin of many peoples and civilizations indicates the strength of the man, his executioner, and his goodness, so we find a lot of poetry homes that were organized to enrich the brown man, and a large group of men with light skin pigmented the skin with a brown or wheatish color.
  • Dimples: They are a sign of a man's beauty, especially if it is found in the middle of the chin .
  • Hair: Women prefer men with thick and smooth hair or with few wrinkles, just as men prefer baldness completely.

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