Ways to invest money


  • 1 investment
  • 2 ways to invest money
    • 2.1 The property
    • 2.2 Precious metals
    • 2.3 Economic projects
    • 2.4 Mutual funds
    • 2.5 Foreign currencies

Ways to invest money

The property

Investing in real estate is done in two ways: 
  • The direct route: by buying real estate such as lands and buildings, or by building a property.
  • The indirect way: This is through investing in real estate investment funds, and these funds invest the money obtained from financing or buying various properties.

Precious metals

Investing in precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum are considered real investments that are commonly used, where investment is made through buying and selling directly, in order to benefit from price changes, and it is worth noting that gold is one of the most valuable metals that are invested in, and that Its prices have witnessed sharp fluctuations since the beginning of 1970 to the present time, due to several factors, including the high rates of economic inflation and the numerous problems in the global and financial banking systems.

investment funds

This project represents general investment portfolios, allowing each investor to participate in it, by purchasing a number of shares offered by the fund, and these shares represent the capital of the fund, and it is worth noting that these funds are formed through insurance companies, or from commercial banks, or from Over portfolio management companies.

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