Warehouse management goals


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Warehouse management goals

The warehouse management aims to complete the operations of receiving, storing, storing and sorting, identifying the inventory and knowing its status and what is missing from it and more, and other matters related to requests, in addition to supervising the operations of retrieval, packaging, shipping and maintaining records related to warehouses, also aims to use the warehouse space as required and exploit the equipment And the workforce, which results in increased capabilities and access to all resources, in addition to protecting the available materials to the maximum extent possible. [1]

Types of warehouse management

The following are the types of warehouse management: [2]
  • Managing warehouses manually: Managing warehouses in the traditional form manually, through the use of paper lists or using the Excel sheet. Manual storage management is suitable for small warehouses that need only smooth and simple procedures that are often implemented in the warehouse.
  • Warehouse management using software: With the development of technology, it became possible to manage warehouses using the warehouse management system (in English: Warehouse Management System), which is an electronic inventory system through which inventory is managed from materials and groups, in addition to managing its physical locations, such as the storage location, unit and storage box.
  • Automated warehouse management: through which warehouses are managed using sophisticated systems for managing logistic centers that contain complex operations, where the supply and flow of materials are controlled and developed, in addition to simple warehouse management, and the system also includes comprehensive functions and strategies for operation and improvement.

stores management

The warehouse or store refers to the area in which goods and materials are stored and exchanged, where the warehouse is a point of contact for the provision and flow of products, goods and information between suppliers and beneficiaries, warehouse management is concerned with planning processes for receiving incoming materials and storage procedures, site management and warehouse monitoring, in addition to ensuring health and safety measures Professional delivery policies for beneficiaries. [3]

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