Very beautiful sayings and wisdom


  • 1 sayings and wisdom in self-confidence
  • 2 Sayings of courage
  • 3 rule in optimism and hope
  • 4 Judgment and sayings about dreams

Sayings and wisdom in self-confidence

  • One must be self-confident, this is the secret, even when I lived in an orphanage , and even when I was roaming the streets looking for a bit of bread my silence hungry stomach, even in all these harsh conditions, I considered myself the greatest actor in the world.
  • You want to succeed, trust in God, then yourself and ignore those who say this is difficult, and this is impossible.
  • Self-confidence is a battle against all the repercussions of defeat.
  • Others may not have placed high hopes on me, but I have been placing high hopes on myself.
  • Self-confidence is the spirit of heroism.
  • Self-confidence You can usually develop it by acting as if you already have the confidence you want.
  • Self-confidence does not mean vanity, but self-confidence to the point of belittling others is empty.
  • Those who act out of fear remain fearful, and those who act out of self-confidence develop.
  • Self-confidence is the first great business necessity.
  • A confident person walks as a king .
  • You have to trust yourself, and if you don't trust yourself, who will trust you.
  • A self-confident person has a laugh that differs from others, even his breathing, and his movements have a form that differs from the others.
  • Self-confidence does not come from being always right, but by being not afraid to be wrong.
  • Self-confidence is what you must feel before you understand the true dimensions of any situation.
  • The primary key to success is self-confidence, and the primary key to self-confidence is preparedness.
  • Self-confidence is to believe in yourself a firm belief in the possibility of achieving the goal, God willing, despite all the circumstances and challenges.

Sayings about courage

  • Courage is the greatest quality in a person because the rest of the attributes are the product of it.
  • Courage is not just one of the virtues, it is the body of every virtue at the time of testing.
  • How easy is it to talk about courage while away from the battlefield.
  • Courage comes from thinking.
  • Being brave and careful time is the art of success.
  • We cannot learn courage, and patience if everything in the world is full of joy.
  • No bone without courage.
  • True courage is three in the morning.
  • The courage is not to have the strength to continue, but the courage to continue when you do not have the strength.
  • Courage is the most important human trait, because it is the trait that guarantees the rest of the traits.
  • He who does not find himself brave enough to take risks will not achieve anything in his life.
  • Life shrinks, expanding according to one's courage.
  • When the judge sentenced Omar to death by hanging to death, Omar giggled with courage, saying the verdict was God’s ruling, not your false judgment.
  • Courage is the patience of an hour.
  • Courage is meaningless if it does not serve a goal.
  • Courage is the blessing that you should thank God so much for.
  • Courage is to resist and control fear, not fear.
  • When something unwanted springs to me, I pray to God to give me the courage to pull it off without pity.

Judgment in optimism and hope

  • Hope is that small window, no matter how small its size, but it opens broad horizons in life.
  • A strong mind is always hopeful, and it always has hope.
  • It is always better to look ahead instead of looking back.
  • Tomorrow is a better day, so hope always tells us.
  • Remember, my friend, hope is a good thing, and good things never die.
  • Trust in God purer hope and trust in Him fuller employment.
  • Optimism gives you calm nerves at the most difficult times.
  • Were it not for the hope of tomorrow, the oppressed would not live until today.
  • The most beautiful and wonderful engineering in the world to build a bridge of hope on a river of despair.
  • Hope has nothing to do with logic.
  • Hope is not a dream, but a way to make the dream a reality.
  • A person without hope as a plant without water, without a smile as a rose without a smell, and without faith in God is a monster in a ruthless herd.
  • If you lose your money, something valuable has been lost from you, and if you lose your honor, something invaluable has been lost from you. If you lose hope, everything is lost from you.

Rulings and sayings about dreams

  • Be true to your youth’s dreams.
  • No matter where you are, your dreams are achievable.
  • You will never be older than setting a new goal or dreaming about a new dream.
  • Don't let life's challenges steal your dreams from you, learn from them, and your best friends will find them.
  • The difference between reality and dream is a three-letter word (action).
  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  • Do not blind people, do not imagine them angels, so your dreams collapse.
  • Night dwelling and in the silence dress hidden dreams.
  • The armored dream car encourages us to take a lot of dangerous roads.
  • You can dream, innovate, and create the greatest ideas in the world, but you need a team to turn ideas into results that we can reach the moon if we stand on each other's shoulders.
  • Do not mock others, and their beautiful pink dreams, especially those you think are less than you, are simple and good people, so perhaps their status with God is higher, and higher than you, and from many of the people of the people, and you may have their intercession on the Day of Judgment, and do not underestimate the dreams, so the world without them A dry and boring journey, whatever the reality is beautiful.
  • Many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then seem unbearable, and then upon summoning the will they quickly become inevitable.
  • Don't let life's challenges steal your dreams from you, learn from them, and your best friends will find them.

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