Types of spiders


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Spiders are among the oldest creatures on the surface of the earth, as they lived the period of the presence of dinosaurs, and the period of their departure, knowing that there are many types of spiders, some of which are classified as poisonous, while others are non-toxic, and the spiders are distinguished by their precise geometry of their nets, and the female devouring of the male after carrying out an operation Mating, and other traits that may make them fear for many people, and in this article we will introduce you to some types of spiders.

Types of spiders

Spiders trap door

Female trap door spiders are spiders that live for a long time, but their males live for only seven years, just as it is possible for a female trap door spider to live in captivity for twenty-five years, and trap door spiders reach maturity at the age of seven, and this age is considered to be The mating age, as they mate once during the year, and these spiders have poisonous glands located at the bottom of the tusks, and the poison is transmitted from them to the body of the prey through the tusks, and its poison kills the prey or paralyzes it, and the contents of its body flow, so that the spider can absorb it, and that By targeting the nervous system in prey.

Lupus spiders

Lupus spiders are named by this name because they depend on the intrigue to hunt their prey, if they hide in waste to search for prey, and that the size of the two in them is like the size of the male, but the male is distinguished by a dark brown color, and the female is distinguished by a darker color than the male, which allows her to hide, especially In the rainforest atmosphere, this type of spider is distinguished by its covering with fur, and mating between them is the progress of the male in front of the female hole. Semen stopper in Rsovha, spiders and eggs multiply, as it lay about 700 eggs, and take care of them until they hatch.

Sand spiders

There is a sand spider in the southern deserts of the African continent, and this spider is characterized by its ability to discolor the color of sand, as it has the ability to bury its head in the sand very quickly and to remain without movement, in order to protect himself from predators, and the sand spider has six eyes, It is about 14 cm long.

Dew spiders

Dewdrop spiders are named because their shape resembles a dewdrop. This type of spiders live all over the world. Dewdrop spiders feed on other spiders ’food. They are characterized by their black color and silver belly. Their length may reach about 12 mm.

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