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The concept of a woman's beauty is not limited only to her appearance and her external beauty . Many women are classified as the most beautiful in the world, depending on the beauty of their work presented and the beauty of the spirit they possess. Therefore, if you are looking for the concept of beauty, and you think that it is only limited to the shape of your body from the outside, you are completely wrong; since your true beauty will find it inside you, it is your personality that reflects the light that comes from your soul, then you are beautiful as you are. [1]

Types of beauty

There are other types of beauty, we will mention some of them, and we will allocate them to matters that specifically concern the beauty of women, namely:
  • Spiritual beauty: When you admire a natural landscape such as sunrise or sunset, for example, this was not only a feeling inside you, but an emanation of the essence of your true beauty that shone in your beautiful soul, a beauty that is not made by faking surgeries, makeup, clothes, and hairstyles , it is the beauty of the soul The innate that comes from your healthy heart, and from your awareness that there is great power, that provides you with the strength and confidence that you need to live the best possible life, and that brings you inner peace and happiness, so people are attracted to its light coming from you, because they feel the truth and nature of its beauty. [2]
  • Intellectual beauty: It is wonderful to be beautiful in thought and reason. This type of beauty is characterized by being devoid of malice, hatred, hatred and selfishness, while love, generosity and sacrifice abound in it, giving you the ability to turn a blind eye to your faults and the faults of others, rather than Focus on it. Among the benefits of intellectual beauty is that it is aware of the truth and beauty in the good that you offer to others, as it works to fix all things that are complex, and rearranges them to become clear and easy, without causing any harm or inconvenience, and it is good to have a beautiful external appearance, but it will become something Boring and unimportant if it is not associated with intellectual beauty, but you will remain attractive if you have intellectual beautyWithout the beauty of appearance, it is not very important how your shape looks, if you have a mind that thinks positively and creatively; your mind will make your life more beautiful, rather than all your interest in being the most beautiful, even though your intellectual beauty enhances your external beauty as well. [3]
  • External beauty: Despite the importance of other types of beauty, no one can neglect the external beauty, because of the girls do not want to have clear and bright skin , and soft and healthy hair! For this reason we will come up with some ways to take care of the beauty of your skin and hair. [4]
  • Skin Beauty: Your skin plays a very important role in enhancing your beauty, so it is imperative that you pay great attention to it and keep it healthy in order to always stay bright. And when your skin is healthy, it makes you look ten years younger than your real age. [4]

Skin care tips

Pay close attention to these basic and important tips, which ensure that you take good care of your skin: [4]
  • Remove makeup on your face before you go to sleep. This is the first and most important skin care step to ensure that you get a radiant complexion.
  • Clean your skin, and permanently moisturize it, so that it looks younger than it really is.
  • Exfoliate your skin , to get rid of dead skin cells, which have accumulated over time, and repeat this process once, or twice a week.
  • Apply sunscreen every time you leave your home to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun .
  • Apply face masks, as they contribute to beautiful skin.
  • Drink plenty of water, and eat fresh vegetables and fruits ; it also helps to make your skin beautiful and fresh.
  • Do not use any cosmetics , which you may find in any mall, as they may harm your skin, hurt them, and use cosmetics that have already been tried.
  • Do not neglect to moisturize your skin in the summer, even if you do not feel dry.
  • Avoid going out and sun exposure at times between eleven in the morning until three in the evening, when the sun's rays are at their strongest, and may cause damage to your skin.

Hair care tips

Many girls want beautiful, thick, fine and long hair, and for this it must be healthy at first. Here are some tips that ensure you get healthy and strong hair : [5]
  • Protect your hair from dirt and harsh weather conditions, hot sun, wind, and rain.
  • Do not comb your hair after washing it; the hair is then in its weakest condition, and therefore it is vulnerable to breakage.
  • Moisturize your hair after each time you wash it.
  • Avoid exposing your hair to heat.
  • Apply hair masks that suit your hair type.
  • Do not tie your hair too tight.

Oatmeal with lemon recipe for skin

This recipe reduces inflammation and wounds that may affect your skin, as oats exfoliate it, freeing it from germs, dirt, and excess oils. Lemon works on Lighten; because it contains vitamin the C . The following is how to prepare this recipe: [6]
  • the ingredients:
    • Tablespoon of cooked, pureed oatmeal .
    • A tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • How to prepare:
    • Mix well the above ingredients together, until you have a paste.
    • Apply dough on your face, and massage your skin with it.
    • Leave the dough to dry for 20 minutes.
    • Wash your face with cold water, and dry it with a soft, clean towel.
    • Repeat this every morning, before taking a shower.

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