Three I am their opponent on Judgment Day


  • 1 Hadith three, I am their opponent on Judgment Day
  • 2 God's opponents on the Day of Resurrection
    • 2.1 A man gave me then treachery
    • 2.2 He sold freely and ate his price
    • 2.3 A man hired a wage, who paid him and did not give him his wages
  • 3 general benefits from the hadith

Hadith three I am their opponent on Judgment Day

On the Day of Resurrection, God will hold people accountable, and in it the grievances will be returned to their owners, and God and His Messenger will be supporters of each oppressed, and opponents of the oppressors. He ( peace and blessings be upon him) said (God said: Three days I am their opponent on the Day of Resurrection: a man gave to me and then treachery, and a man sold freely and ate his price, and a man who rented a wage and he paid from him and did not give him his wages) [Narrated by Bukhari].

The opponents of God on the Day of Resurrection

The Day of Resurrection is the day when the earth sighs, the mountains go, things intensify, the horrors grow, and God descends to judge between his servants in justice, so he crowd them in that day and their feet barefoot, their bodies naked, and their eyes are clear, and their hearts are dry, where they are in that day that every person Some of them have an affair that he sings, and he escapes from his brother, his mother, his father, his companion and his sons. The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “God Almighty folds the heavens on the Day of Resurrection. Then he takes them to his right hand. Then he folds the two lands to the north, then he says: I am the king. Yen Aljabbaron? Where are arrogant?) , All Verom survive this day , but the three will not survive the hostility of God are the following categories:

A man gave me then treachery

By this phrase, God Almighty means every servant who made a covenant, swore to God, then broke his covenant, and treachery is one of the reprehensible qualities that Islam warns of, since he is not exposed to it except the one who has lost faith and a hypocrite, because the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, said : (Four of those who were in it it was pure hypocrite, and was a characteristic of them was a characteristic of hypocrisy until he gives it : If he breaks, and if there is a lie, and if Ahed treachery and if contending dawn) [Bukhari], and treacherous in the day of Resurrection carries the banner Gdrh shame and a reproach among the creatures, And be the His glorified and exalted be his opponent on that day. As for his punishment in this world, his treatment will be of the same type of work, so God will treat him the opposite of his intended purpose, so he will not complete an order for him, and he will not make it easier for him to fulfill his needs.

He sold freely and ate his price

God Almighty has devoted to eating, because it is the greatest of intent, and God has made the iniquity so severe, because Muslims are equal in freedom, so it is not permissible for a Muslim to sell freely, because whoever sells free has forbidden to act with what God has permitted him, and the humiliation that God saved him from And enslavement of the heat is in two things: to believe it, and then to deny it or conceal it. As for the second thing, it is to be used as compulsion after emancipation, and the scholars are unanimous in prohibiting the sale of heat.

A man hired a wage, but he paid it and did not give him his wages

We find that some people hire workers to work for them, and when these workers finish their work, employers prevent them from their right, and underestimate them for their wages, so we often find employees, drivers, servants, or other professions who stay for months or perhaps years Without obtaining their wages and financial entitlements, God has made the punishment for those who prevent a rewarded right to be the Almighty an opponent for him on the Day of Resurrection, unlike whoever pays the employee his right; God blesses him with his money, and leaves them better than they spent.

General benefits from talking

  • Treachery is evidence of self-contempt.
  • Whoever God Almighty made his opponent on the Day of Resurrection, he is a loser.
  • He made the treacherous God hated with him, with his angels and with all people.
  • Eating Sacred Money is one of God’s greatest sins, and God has promised to eat it that he will be his opponent on the Day of Resurrection.

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