The story of the owner of the two Paradise


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Stories of the Qur'an

The Holy Qur’an cut a lot of stories on Muslims , some of them are stories of the prophets, some of them are stories of non-prophets, and stories of non-prophets including stories of good men, including stories of the righteous, and the purpose of these stories is that Muslims take a sermon and lesson, learn and take experience from these stories so that they do not fall With mistakes made by previous nations on the one hand, and they benefit from righteousness on the other hand, life is experiences, and the sane person preaches what happened with other good and evil, and benefits from these previous lessons, in addition to what is in these stories of the confirmation of the heart of the Prophet, peace be upon him Peace be upon him, and fixation of the hearts of the honorable companions, may God be pleased with him God for them and pleased them. [1]

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The meaning of stories in the Qur'an

The term “ stories” and “stories” are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in several places in the Holy Qur’an, indicating in their entirety that the meaning of storytelling is any follow-up. To track and follow the impact. [2]

The story of the owner of the two Paradise

Received the story of the owner of the gardens in the Holy Qur'an in the Cave, the Almighty said: (and smite them , for example , two men made us one of them two committees of grapes and Hvvnahma Bnkhal and made their seed * Both the gardens paid off no complaint from him and blew through them rivers) [3] This story is provided for those who read it There are two different perspectives on the aspects of life, and the livelihood in it varies between people, between wealth and poverty for a great divine wisdom. The story speaks realistically from the point of view of a poor believer, but he relies on God, a believer God has the right to believeBecause he knows with certainty that the worldly life is not worth anything if compared to the afterlife, and what God Almighty has prepared for the believers in the gardens, and the other man is the owner of the two gardens whose properties have been fascinated by so he thought that this worldly bliss is permanent bliss; and he is an infidel man by the grace of God. And those gardens were planted with grapes and surrounded by palm trees. [4]

But this man, with his ignorance and unbelief, was fascinated by this great grace, and he was fascinated by these two paradise and the various kinds of fruits and fruits they produce. the owner of the gardens attitude thanks to God for this great graces the feast, but instead exceeded the grade and Kafr grace, and took flaunts the poor man (and had a fruit , he said to his companion, dialogued I am more than you money and respect of men) [5] , did not believe in , well Thank GodOn grace, he did not give charity, and did not do what is required of him, but disbelief, prevention and arrogance, and attributing goodness and grace to himself, rather than attributing it to the favored person who is glorified and glorified and exalted. God but obstinacy and arrogance, he thinks he is the owner of high standing, and his prestige and preference to that poor man is in such a position, (and entered his committee , which is unfair to himself said , I think that never annihilating this * and I am List While I responded to my Lord Ojdn chi Including a Menklba)]

The faithful man’s steadfast response to faith, which adheres to the right balance of faith and which the worldly life did not deceive and embellish, then responds to the disbelief, arrogance and intransigence of the owner of the two gardens, with a purposeful calm dialogue. He who created you from dust, then from a sperm, then only a man) [7] He continues that he is steadfast in believing in the favored, glorified, and glorified Almighty Lord , and that the origin is that the servant’s heart is related to God in wealth and poverty and in all cases, and that the right one if he enters It is for him to say: What God wills, and to attribute power, and the king and grace to God, glory be to Him, He says: There is no power except in God.(I would God is my Lord and share with BARBIE anyone * but not as it entered paradise I said what God does not force only in God that I Lateran less you money and a son) 
 ), and follows the man insured dialogue with confidence and faith with great steadfast. [4]

The believer says to the owner of the two paradise that if you see me in what appears to you from your minor knowledge related to the apparent, that you are wealthier than me, more money, more powerful, and more powerful, then God Almighty is able to give me the best of your paradise, and he takes to warn him of the anger of God Almighty and the punishment of blasphemy and oppression and grace in grace tent, God Almighty is able to destroy your cheeks and Edmarhama; because Agtarark and Bgyek and wronged and Kfrck (deeds , my Lord , that Aatin better than paradise and sends them thunderbolt from the sky becomes slippery ground * or become dehydrated Gura will not t Obey his request) ]

Then the punishment of God Almighty comes to that stubborn infidel who was deceived by the world, and deceived by his paradise, so he led his arrogance and disbelief until God was angry on him, so he deserved the punishment from the great God, the mighty of the heavens and the earth, so God Almighty sent to my heaven that man who stunned destroyed the two paradise, destroyed them and destroyed them what two of the fruits, repented owner of the gardens on the feet, and realized that the demise of deserved this grace great venerable; because of his kufr and stubbornness and arrogance (and surrounded the fruit became stir his hands on what was spent where an all empty and say I wish I was not involved with My Lord, nobody * and did not have a group to support him without God and what was victorious)

The wisdom of the Qur’an mentioning the story of the owner of the two Paradise

The Holy Qur’an provides realistic examples with a great impact, in which the great lessons are learned; the intention behind it is to establish the believer’s heart, to strengthen his connection and his relationship with God, and to remove unbelief and his slander from the hearts of worshipers. and faith , and has had two committees, two Bustanan are great, Vavctn Bjmalhma, and denied the resurrection and the afterlife [11] , and hit this parable to show the consequences of Grth life and its impact on the afterlife; Voamah his money and his power, and did not respond to the advised Allen Sahan, who did not learn a lesson before, and did not take the lesson Voguah the devil , and he fell in the evil of sin and disobedience.

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