The largest sea in the world


  • 1 seas
  • 2 The Philippine Sea is the largest sea in the world
  • The 3rd largest sailor in the world
    • 3.1 Coral Sea
    • 3.2 Arab Sea
    • 3.3 South China Sea
    • 3.4 Sea of ​​Wedel

The seas

The sea is defined as any large water body that connects with the ocean, and the name of the sea is also called salt water that does not communicate with the oceans or other seas, and it is usually larger than the creek, and is smaller than the ocean in terms of area, and it is indicated that the seas and water bodies are in a form General occupies a larger area of ​​land on the surface of the globe, and it is considered the main habitat for many marine creatures, and the seas vary in their area, and in this article we will mention information about the largest sea in the world.

The Philippine Sea is the largest sea in the world

It occupies the first rank in the list of the largest seas around the world in terms of area, which is about 5,177,562 km2, as it forms part of the northern Pacific region, and a marginal sea, and overlooks the Philippine archipelago from the southwest, and Caroline from the southeast, in addition to To Mariana on the eastern side, Taiwan and Bunin on the western side, and on the north side it overlooks the State of Japan. In its depths, this sea contains many marine creatures, and it also contains some of the world's deepest water trenches, such as the Maria Trench and the Philippines.

The world's largest sailor

Coral Sea

This sea is located in the northeastern region of the continent of Australia, where it is bordered by Queensland on the western side, and Caledonia and Vanuatta on the eastern side, in addition to Solomon Islands on the south side, and is characterized by a moderate and hot atmosphere, in addition to it contains a large barrier of coral, and its area is about 4.791 .000 km².

Arabian Sea

It was previously called the Eritrean Sea (Sagar Sindhu), and it is considered one of the parts of the Indian Ocean, and overlooks from the east the state of India, and from the west the Arabian Peninsula, while from the north it supervises both Iran and Pakistan, and from the northeastern Somalia, and this was The sea is a major trade route in the world, with an area of ​​3862,000 km2, and a depth of 4652 m. As for its width, it is 2400 km. This sea includes many famous and distinguished beaches such as: Kovalam and Colva, in addition to a group of islands such as Sumatra and Astola.

South China Sea

This sea overlooks Singapore, the Taiwan Straits, and Malacca, and is surrounded by China, the Taiwanese islands, and on the northern side, Indonesia, and on the northwest, it overlooks Malaysia and Brunei, oversees Vietnam from the eastern side, and the Philippines from the west. And its area reaches 3,500,000 km2, and what distinguishes it most is that the bottom contains a good percentage of gas and oil, in addition to annexing it to hundreds of islands.

Widdle Sea

The area of ​​this sea is about 2,800,000 km2, and its width reaches 2000 km, and it is considered part of the Antarctic Ocean, where most of it covers the areas there, which belong to Britain, Argentina, and Chile, and it was discovered for the first time in the year 1823AD by Scottish sailor (James Weddle). Ice also covers most of its area, and therefore it is home to penguins, seals and some types of birds, in addition to predatory whales, and is described as the most treacherous and depressing region on the surface of the earth.

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