The eight largest oil-producing countries


  • 1 United States
  • 2 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • 3 Russia
  • 4 Canada and China
  • 5 Iran and Iraq
  • 6 Emirates
  • 7 Ranking of countries according to their oil reserves
  • 8 References

United State

The United States is the most oil- producing country in the world according to the statistics of 2017, producing about 14.86 million barrels per day, and thus producing 15.3% of the world's total oil production, and in 2012 the United States ranked second after its superiority over Russia As for the year 2013 AD, it ranked first after its superiority over Saudi Arabia. [1]

Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks second after the United States in oil production, as it produces 12.39 million barrels per day, constituting 12.7% of the total world oil production according to the statistics of 2017, and thus the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the only country of OPEC members, which is The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries that produces a large amount of it, and despite the government's many attempts to diversify the country's economy; however, oil production remained the basis of the economy therein, as oil production represents 42% of the state’s gross domestic product, and 87% of budget revenues. There are many in Saudi Arabia Oil fields such as Ghawar , Safaniya, Qatif, Abqaiq, and others. [1]


Although Russia’s production decreased from previous years, it is still one of the most oil-producing countries, and in 2016 it produced about 11.6% of the world’s total oil production, and ranked third among the largest oil-producing countries in 2017. [1]

Canada and China

Canada and China competed for the fourth and fifth ranks in terms of oil production. The State of China ranked fourth in 2016 and Canada followed, but the situation changed and reversed in favor of Canada in 2017 to occupy the fourth place with its production of 5.09% of the total oil output in the world, and makes China ranked fifth After producing 4.88% of the world’s total oil production, the majority of China's domestic production comes from the northeast and north-eastern region, and the Daqing field is one of the exploited oil fields in it since the sixties of the twentieth century. [1] [2]

As for Canada, the researchers expect that its production will increase to approximately 1.26 million barrels per day by 2040 AD. The source of this increase will be the oil sands mainly found in the Alberta region in western Canada, and the fields of the Atlantic Ocean. [2] [1]

Iran and Iraq

Estimates indicate that the countries of the Middle East have oil sources in excess of 100 billion barrels, as they together constitute 23% of the world's total oil reserves, and all the oil fields in the Middle East are concentrated in the Arab Iranian basin, and according to statistics in 2017, Iran ranked sixth After China in terms of total oil production, it was producing 4.76% of the total oil production in the world, and thus surpassed the State of Iraq to make it in the seventh place by producing approximately 4.55% of the total oil production in the world. [2]


In 2017, the United Arab Emirates ranked eighth in total world oil production, after it produced 3.80% of the total production output in the world, which is approximately 3,720.5 barrels per day of oil. [2]

Ranking of countries according to their oil reserves

The ranking of countries in terms of oil reserves differs from that of oil producing countries, and the following is a list of the largest countries in the world in terms of oil reserves in them: [3]
Name of the country Its oil reserves
Venezuela 298.35 million barrels
Saudi 268.29 million barrels
Canada 172.48 million barrels
Iran 157.80 million barrels
Iraq 144.21 million barrels
Kuwait 104.00 million barrels
The United Arab Emirates 97.80 million barrels
Russia 80.00 million barrels
Libya 48.36 million barrels
Nigeria 37.07 million barrels

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