The easiest way to collect money from the Internet


  • 1 Writing
  • 2 Selling personal things
  • 3 YouTube channel work
  • 4 References


Free writing is one of the easiest ways to get money on the Internet, and the amount that a person gets is mostly good, but to reach good amounts he has to start gradually and build his personal profile and CV, but the most important thing is that he is interested in writing to be able to continue in this job She needs his time and devotes himself to it, and if he is one of the people who loves this kind of job he will be comfortable with it. Before starting to search for free writing companies, a person must have a presence on the Internet either by creating a private blog or creating a personal file, and then browsing the sites that provide information for writing better, then he can search for job opportunities with the company that suits him. [1]

Selling personal things

Money can be raised by selling personal things on the Internet , and to do this you can follow the following steps: [2]
  • Finding things that can be sold: cleaning the house, collecting things that should be disposed of, or donating and selling them, and the different things, the better it is to sell them in different locations, and this can be bought to be sold later on the Internet.
  • Opening a seller account: You can open a seller account in several different sites for sale, as these sites facilitate the creation of the account as they require some personal information in addition to the payment methods sometimes.
  • Learn guidelines for sale: Every commercial market has guidelines for determining what can and cannot be sold, and state laws affect prohibited things as well, and in general it is not possible to sell alcohol, weapons, and other things that must be found.
  • Searching for selling prices for similar goods: The seller must search for the highest and lowest price for similar goods that he sells, so that he can set the price that suits him, for example if he wants to sell the commodity quickly, he can make the price lower than others.
  • Selling goods in groups: It is preferable to sell goods that are similar to each other in one group, such as a group of books or magazines, or a group of similar jewelry pieces, when the goods are sold together, the opportunity to earn more money is greater.
  • Writing an accurate description of the good: The opportunity to complete the sale process is greater when writing the exact details of the goods, so the buyer cannot see the commodity in front of him so it is preferable to write the accurate details about it until he feels that he knows what he is buying.
  • Adding a clear picture of the commodity: A number of images of the commodity must be inserted from different angles, with the need to remove the chaos in the background if any because it distracts from the commodity, and it is preferable that the lighting be natural while taking the photo instead of using the phone's light.
  • Providing excellent customer service: Customer service is essential in online sales. The seller must respond to buyers ’questions as quickly as possible. He must be polite and professional in dealing with them. Positive communication builds the seller’s reputation with buyers.

YouTube channel work

People who have a YouTube channel can get a large amount of money. Users with the highest subscription rates and views on this site receive millions of dollars every year. A person can earn money from this site by following the following steps: [3]
  • Create a YouTube channel to start uploading videos.
  • Upload videos regularly in the private channel with the necessity of explaining the content carefully. This video must be of high quality and enjoyable and useful content.
  • Posting videos on social media to increase the number of views and to spread the channel as many as possible.
  • Create a fan rule by responding to reviews, attracting and retaining viewers of their channel.
  • The person allowed YouTube to insert ads for his videos in order to make profits from his channel, the more a viewer clicked on the ad, the fees would be divided between the owner of the channel and google, and the more viewership the more profits.

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