The difference between a man and a woman

The Almighty: (And when she set the Lord said, I developed a female and God knows what put not mentioned female and I toxicities Mary and I Oaivha and your offspring from the accursed Satan) Al-Imran verse 36.

The men and women Vlguetan are inseparable from each other and complement each other to live and secure ways of life and the revival of the earth , whatever the differences between them, and we will remember you in this article , some of the differences between women and men that unknown to many.

The difference between men and women

  • Women outperform men in academic subjects and disciplines, but men excel in mathematics in particular.
  • The man depends on the left part of the brain when thinking, and the woman depends on operating the entire brain, so the man is more focused than the woman.
  • Women are faster than men in learning to write and read, while men are stronger in calculations and dimensions.
  • Women outperform men in language learning.
  • Women excel in describing experiences, things, and details. They pay attention to details a lot. As for men, they care about the entirety and do not scrutinize the smallest matters.
  • A man's memory is weaker than a woman's memory.
  • Women control her emotions less than men.
  • Autism is more common in men than in women.
  • Women are less listening than men; they speak more than they hear.
  • It has been scientifically proven that women have more ability than men to produce blood.
  • A woman's vital system is more active than in men.
  • Men experience color blindness more often than women.
  • The skin of a man is thicker than a woman's skin, and therefore it does not show as much wrinkles as it does on a woman's skin.
  • A man depends on logic to solve everything that is going on around him, while a woman depends on her feeling.
  • Men are more able to face difficulties and lead things than women are at risk.
  • Men suffer from snoring more than women.

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