The definition of Jamil bin Muammar


  • 1 Jamil bin Muammar
  • 2 reasons for his popularity and upbringing
  • 3 his hair in Buthaina
  • 4 The Umayyad state, Jamil bin Muammar and the poets
  • 5 Egypt and Jamil bin Muammar

Jamil bin Muammar

Jamil bin Abdullah bin Muammar Al-Athri is an Arab poet and novelist of the Umayyad poets and he was called (Abu Amr) and he was known about his eloquence, generosity, and bravery, and he wrote most of his poetry with his companion (Buthainah) and he continued to say his companions until his death in Egypt in the second year after eighty To migrate.

Causes of his popularity and upbringing

He was a young child who loved a girl from the same tribe (the tribe of Adhara) and she was called (Buthaina Bint Hayyan) and she is his cousin, and when he grew up he proposed to her and his father (Hayyan Bin Tha'labah Al-Azariah) refused Jamil Bin Muammar, so he ignited his father's refusal to marry him from "Buthaina" his love and increased They became attached to the verses of poetry expressing this love and fascination with it, and people started talking about the love story "Jamil Bin Muammar and Buthaina".

He lived in the tribe of Adra, which is located in the Valley of Villages. This valley is located between the city and the Levant, and it is described as a quiet, beautiful and suitable place for poets and narrators to leave it until it was called the village of lovers.

His hair is in Buthaina

He composed many verses of poetry indicating his love and attachment to his beloved, Buthaina, and he said of the poetry until the poetry reached the ears of his father, so he decided to marry him to another until Jamil bin Muammar stopped saying the poetry in Buthaina, his cousin, but he only added to saying poetry and was meeting him So the people blamed him for that, but he did not stop, and his uncle complained to the governor, and his blood was wasted and is important in the country.

  • Jehovah did not live the heart and the nation
My friend echoed among the closest

Jamil bin Muammar kept walking around the Arab countries and was visiting his tribe in secret whenever he could, with the help of his brother, who was helping him to visit the tribe and see Buthaina, and one day Jamil bin Muammar asked his friend to prepare a meeting with Buthaina so he asked him about a sign he said to know him so he said to him:

  • And I said to her, O glory, I send my friend
Here is a messenger and the messenger is appointed
To make me and your appointment appointment again
And tell me what I do

But Buthaina knew that she was the verses of Jamil bin Muammar, so she agreed and met until the morning apartments on them while they were in the valley. A beautiful spin with Buthaina is considered to be a model of chaste flirtatious poetry. .

The Umayyad state and Jamil bin Muammar and the poets

The Umayyad state had the biggest role in increasing the interest of writers in developing their performance, and poetry in the Umayyad period differs from it in the pre-Islamic era, so the poets of the Umayyad state abided by the teachings of the Islamic religion, and poets were competing with each other, and the Umayyad princes offered valuable gifts and gold to the winning poets, and poetry was distinguished. The Umayyad era in Raqqa, and the freshness of the nature of the environment surrounding the Umayyad state. The Levant was its home and the Levant is known for its beautiful nature that encourages the saying and poetry of it. Supreme helped the emergence of this type of hair "political" appearance (Kharijites and Shiites, Alhashiman) and their competition on the nail rule, it has flourished several types of poetry in the Umayyad period:
  • Explicit spinning (the reason for its prosperity was the life of the super-rich that poets lived).
  • Bedouin spinning (the reason for its prosperity is the quiet life of the Badia and the Arabs' distancing from fighting among themselves).
  • Competitive poetry (famous for Al-Jarir and Al-Farazdaq).

Egypt and Jamil bin Muammar

He lived in Egypt after he said in its governor Abdul Aziz bin Marwan, verses of poetry that praise his justice, wisdom, and the correctness of his mind, so the governor of Egypt asked to meet him and Jamil bin Muammar agreed and sat in the hands of the governor, so the governor asked to say poetry, so the governor increased his request and continued saying poetry until He mentioned poetry in Buthaina and asked about the story of these verses, so he told "Jamil bin Muammar" the story, so he asked him to say poetry in it until the governor ordered a house for him and lived in Egypt most of his life until he left this life in the year 82 AH.

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