The child's right to health care


  • 1 The child's right to health care
  • 2 General child rights
  • 3 The child and his needs
  • 4 References

The child's right to health care

Health is the most important thing that must be preserved in a person regardless of age, it determines the fate of an individual's life and without it he cannot live his life well, and the right to health care not only includes children sickness, but also includes disease prevention and physical and mental well-being as well. Every person, since he or she is a child, has the right to access good health care regardless of the circumstances of the country. Therefore, the state must provide all vaccines for children that protect them from exposure to diseases and epidemics so that the child can exercise his right to mental and physical development in a healthy and healthy manner. [1]

General child rights

After the First World War, children and their rights were touched upon by the United Nations, and in 1959 AD, the rights of the child were proclaimed, but they were not truly implemented until 1989 and became international law, [2] and here are some of the rights of the child: [3]
  • The child's right to health care.
  • The child's right to education .
  • The child's right to self-expression.
  • The child's right to safety and protection from war.
  • The child's right to be fair and non-discriminatory.
  • The child's right to a nationality.
  • The right of the child to play.
  • The child's right to a good standard of living.

The child and his needs

According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, a child is defined as a human whose age ranges from the first day of his birth to eighteen years, and he has several rights applied equally regardless of differences in religion, race, and sex, [4] and the child has a number of basic basic needs To satisfy the need to stay with him, and to ensure the building of a balanced personality, which are the physiological needs, the need for security, the need for gratitude and love, the need for appreciation, the need for understanding and knowledge, and the need for self-realization. [5]

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