The best ways to invest


  • 1 Commodity trade
  • 2 diversification of areas of investment of funds
  • 3 bonds
  • 4 References

Commodity trade

Constitute trade goods; such as the trade of gold and one silver of the most important ways of investment and the most scarcity, especially if you have been traded for a period of five years at a minimum, only Carolyn Borodin specialized in the Fibonacci strategy in trading that can silver be considered one of the most ways to invest safer; because they are not affected by financial inflation In addition to being tangible property that people can hold onto, it is worth noting that there are other commodities that can be invested in, such as minerals, energy, and agriculture, which are allowed to be invested through the stock markets. [1]

Diversifying the areas of investing money

Experts in this field believe that one of the biggest mistakes that investors make is not to diversify in the areas in which they invest their money. One of the best ways to invest is to diversify the funds, i.e. diversify the faces in which the money is invested even if the amount is little, and does not exceed 1000 dollars only, One of the tips that is taken into account when building the investment portfolio is to ensure that a good balance is created, because some investments can be exposed to increases or decreases in their value, and not to focus on one side and leave the other side. [2]


With regard to investing through bonds, the options available are many and wide, as it is possible to invest in government bonds, municipal bonds, companies, savings bonds, and many others, and the ability to purchase corporate or municipal bonds depends on the personal taxable return, and it is advised to avoid buying bonds that have periods maturities ranging from 5 or 8 years or more because they involve many risks because of the long duration; because the bonds are subject to volatility in their prices dramatically just like stocks , depending on changes in interest rates controlled by senior government agencies. [3]

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