The best way to raise money


  • 1 Create a clear plan
  • Freelance 2
  • 3 Sale of personal property
  • 4 Create a blog
  • 5 Opening a channel on YouTube
  • 6 other ways to earn money
  • 7 References

Create a clear plan

Establishing a specific and clear plan helps to raise money , as most of the rich have become so because of planning and commitment, as it is possible to develop a plan and determine the budget, and the necessities to be done, which help the individual to collect money easily, taking into account the importance of doing things to the fullest extent, and getting away About spending money on luxuries and unnecessary things. [1]


Under the authority that manages the individual’s actions is one of the ways to raise money, as researcher Siebold, who spent years studying and searching for the lives of the rich people of the world, says that the rich mostly work For his own account, the average person tends to work in stable, stable occupations. [2]

Selling personal property

An individual can sell his old possessions that he does not benefit from at the moment, so he can sell university books, or the books he has read, and narrate it on those sites that sell books on the Internet, or in the places where books are sold normal. [3]

Create a blog

An individual can create a blog on the Internet and earn money for that, for a small cost, and all he needs is a name for the blog, and some support from other sites, along with distinctive private content that the individual can share with others, and if the individual is a writer, he can publish He wrote it on the sites designated for it without paying anything, and sold it independently. [4]

Open a channel on YouTube

Whoever has a topic that can present it in an attractive style, or who needs to market and sell its products, or wants to publish entertainment videos, can open YouTube channel and promote themselves via the Internet and social media for a low cost return. [4]

Other ways to earn money

There are many ways you can easily collect money , and they are: [5]
  • Putting money in the stock market, and investing in real estate, may give a good return to the individual.
  • Avoid buying goods that are likely to drop in price later. Buying a car for $ 50,000 is not a good thing for those who want to collect money, because this price will be halved after five years.
  • Providing jobs for those places that can generate more income. There are more job opportunities in cities compared to rural and remote areas.
  • The use of methods that help reduce the value of the monthly bills to be paid, so solar panels can be installed, to reduce the value of paid electricity.

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