The art of selling and how to convince the customer

The art of selling

The sale was in the past through barter because there are no currencies that are used today to pay for the goods, and this process was done by agreement between two people through negotiation, but with the advancement of time, the currencies were silenced, and people worked to use money as a means of buying and selling so that the negotiation process remained the same between them, but With the introduction of modern methods on them, with a view to achieving profit, therefore, in the modern era, the art of selling has been constantly evolving and being taught so that the seller can convince the buyer of the goods, and that there is a trust factor between them.

The art of selling means the ability to sell services and products, introducing people to the company, and its products, and persuading them in the buying process by displaying the product in the best way and in a convincing way, and in order to achieve that, he uses the persuasive method that must be based on confirming the value of the product and not its price, and making this product A need that must be met.

Ways to sell and convince the customer

  • Gaining experience from the people who work in the sales field: The person who wants to master the art of selling must consult the people who have experience in this field, and take from them all the secrets of the success of the profession, and he must also refer to the information available on the sale, whether in the books , On the Internet, or other means.
  • Effective and useful planning: define its goals to be clear, and realistic.
  • Attention to the external form: The first impression the customer takes on the seller stays entrenched in his memory, and for this the successful seller must work to leave a good impression of himself so that it is elegant and tactful in speaking with customers.
  • Self-confidence: The most important profit-making skill in selling is trust. Therefore, the seller must have confidence while offering products to customers by eliminating manifestations of fear, because if the customer feels that the seller is tense, his demand for goods is less.
  • How to talk to a customer: A successful seller must make sure that he or she visually communicates with the customer, in order to make the persuasion process easier.
  • Knowing the customer's requests: Prior talking to the customer leads to an easy identification of his interests, which makes it easy for him to sell the items that satisfy these interests, so the seller must know the specifications that the customer desires before introducing the product to him, so that he can know his request The correct format.

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