Talk about friends

who is the friend?

A friend is the person who stays with you, and does not leave you when you need him, your friendship stems from love and not from an interest, then friends must be loyal, and love and affection must be the basis of their relationship, and thus the letters of friendship are indicative of the true meaning of friendship.

The meanings of letters of friendship

Al-Sad: Conserving the friend and his dignity, and honesty comes from the human soul. Function: One blood and warmth of feelings A: Friends agree on promise and sincerity S: One heart and the power of affection Distraction: Fresh air breathed by friends

Talk about friends

The most beautiful thing in my eyes is the sight of friends and loyal
The most beautiful thing is heard by the ears of loved ones when they return

Friends are the most beautiful thing every person does
Friends and lovers may be half of your heart
A true friend is one who is not far from you when you sin and forgive you
A true friend is the one who blocks your block when you are away
Friends are a word taken from the loyal river
If they stay away from you, you will fall into the river of leaders

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