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Marketing is a function that seeks to motivate individuals in a society to buy various products, [1] Marketing is also known as a set of special activities in companies associated with the buying and selling of products and services, and includes marketing to advertise the goods, and then present them to people with a view to selling them to them; Therefore, those working in this field strive to attract the attention of the public through the use of all advertising methods and methods. [2]

Another definition of marketing is an interactive process that relies on the pricing of goods and services in order to promote them and achieve commercial exchange between merchants and consumers, which contributes to the consumer obtaining his desires and satisfying his needs. [3]

Successful marketing methods

There are a number of successful marketing methods in the work environment of companies and institutions, the most important of which are: [4]
  • Promotional competitions: It is one of the widely used marketing methods, the idea of ​​which is to provide support to the private brand in the company or product, by announcing a competition to the target audience. These competitions are linked to promoting the purchase of products by the buyers in exchange for receiving certain prizes, thus attracting their attention and marketing to the company.
  • Social media : It is a group of websites within the Internet , and it is considered a direct marketing method and connected with potential customers, by working to deliver information to them about the company and its products within the social network and its means.
  • E-marketing : It is one of the modern methods of marketing, and it often depends on the customers who made the purchase from the company for the first time, as personal information about them is obtained, and then the marketing of new products for them, and by sending information about them within messages to their e-mail addresses, or their phones Cellular.
  • Marketing samples: Free samples of specific products are offered to potential customers in order to encourage them to buy basic products. Usually companies working in the field of food industries and household appliances rely on the application of this method of marketing because they contribute to attracting a lot of the public to buy their products.
  • Selling points: One of the methods and strategies of marketing and selling products, and depends on the promotion of the goods in stores through distribution to stores and grocery stores, which contributes to reaching the target audience of customers with the best and fastest possible means.
  • Customer Incentives: It is a promotional marketing method that aims to motivate existing customers to participate in marketing by attracting new customers in exchange for receiving bonuses and financial discounts.

Marketing analysis

Marketing analysis is one of the important processes that support the marketing plan when working on its design, and then its application, and the analysis depends on the following stages: [5]
  • Market segments : It is the first stage in marketing analysis, the aim of which is to know the means that help in achieving profits, which drives companies to work on identifying market needs, which are associated with individuals (consumers and buyers) who worked to develop various values ​​about sectors in the market, and examples of That is the automotive sector, as those interested in evaluating this sector are keen to study a set of factors or characteristics; the most important of which are the degree of safety, the speed of the car, its value in the market, and other factors, so the manufacturers or importers of cars must know the diverse needs of people z From this sector.
  • Market outlets: It is a method that helps in dividing the market into small groups, and contributes to knowing the whereabouts of the target groups of the public, and also works to serve and support investment needs, and to identify appropriate steps to start investing that often depends on access to large outlets in the market; i.e. areas Which contain the largest groups of customers, which contributes to providing services and products specialized in the needs of those outlets.
  • Marketing to the public: it is the method that helps in the study and analysis of increasing the number of private companies in one category of customer; that is, they offer products and services that are similar to each other, which leads to the emergence of competition between them. Therefore, each company must choose the appropriate methods of marketing and customer service; By providing special offers for them, and examples include telecommunications companies that contain databases on clients, and seeks to allocate special offers for them.

Marketing strategies

Marketing success within a commercial market environment depends on a set of strategies, which are: [6]
  • Special workshops in services and products : One of the methods that helps in introducing the marketing team within the company to the nature of the work, and it is possible to hold these workshops in the main building of the company, or to use one of the local educational institutions. One of the benefits of these workshops is helping to target audiences for participation.
  • Cooperative Marketing : It is about holding briefing sessions in the business environment, in which more than one company or business institution participates in defining local business establishments, and achieving a detailed explanation of the nature of all companies, which contributes to building a set of opportunities for cooperation and participation among them.
  • Charity-based marketing : One of the strategies that some companies work to implement by providing support for charitable activities and events, which contributes to better informing the press and the public about them, and subsequently leads to their acquisition of new clients.
  • Building code Electronic : modern marketing strategies, contribute to attracting a lot of people interested in identifying the products or services offered through the blog. Writing in the blog about topics related to products and services is one of the easy strategies that helps in communicating with customers.

Marketing goals

Marketing seeks to achieve many goals, including: [7]
  • Implementing marketing activities that include building public relations , promoting sales, distributing products and more.
  • Supporting communication with consumers and building value for them.
  • Promote participation and cooperation between successful companies in society.
  • Spending money on advertising, and providing products that contribute to the needs of individuals.

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