Store management objectives


  • 1 Storage
  • 2 Achieve safety
  • 3 Improve the performance of production operations
  • 4 Reducing damage
  • 5 other objectives for warehouse management
  • 6 References


The main goal of building warehouses or renting warehouse space for business owners is to maintain the stock, at the beginning of the project a room or basement may be used as a warehouse for storage, but as the organization grows it will need more space for storage and keep the stock in a safe and affordable manner so that access To him easily. [1]

Safety achievement

Ensuring the safety and security of the warehouse and the distribution process is considered necessary. The possibility of accidents will increase due to the large area of ​​the warehouse and the availability of large quantities of inventory that are confined to these spaces, in addition to the large numbers of employees working, so safety must be achieved through agreement with Specialized bodies such as security and occupational safety experts and others. [1]

Improve the performance of production processes

Knowing the available stock levels and available in the warehouse continuously and comparing them with the needs of customers accelerate the process of completing and accomplishing large orders in the organization, as managing the stock well through knowing the current quantities of inventory and providing the required quantities in a timely manner reduces additional labor costs and production pressures. [1]

Reducing damages

Inventory management operations are aimed at helping to inventory inventories and detect any shortage, theft or damage to it, or uncovering wrong orders being shipped, as any loss of stock may damage the company's profits, and many techniques can be used to maintain the inventory; Such as adding surveillance cameras, alarms and more. [1]

Other goals for warehouse management

The warehouse management also aims to achieve optimal utilization and utilization of space, equipment and manpower, in addition to increasing access to all available resources, and contributing to the preservation and protection of materials, as warehouse management is concerned with the processes of receiving, delivery, storage, sorting and record keeping, in addition to processing requests and returns and packing and shipping matters The warehouse management is also concerned with planning the operations and procedures related to storage, such as managing the storage site, monitoring the inventory, ensuring that the occupational health and safety procedures are met , and tracking the deliveries abroad. [2] [3]

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