Poetry about longing

These are verses that talk about love and longing
You are generous, my age, for longing for you
I fear blinking from my eyes ..! Send Jit and your hall ...
My love, do not tell me .. Where are you? And I come to you
Your father says where are you .. On my eyes, I am seeking you ...
And my Lord is above the thorns Russians
And let my shadow precede me .. before your houses hug me ...
Seconds, but .. get bogged down .. out of your eyes
Laughing in your eyes until the eyes of your torment unfold ...
People say: In my absence, the heart will burn and light up for you
Hanini, and from the glow of his longing .. the heart tends, not the owner ...
My tears died from my eyes .. my father from your eyes cried for you
Apther from behind my eyes .. tears of eyes traveling ...

I'm tired of running away from simple things from your details
I'm tired to ask the corners of the house ... about your first and last condition ...
And even the longing of Subh Al-Drayish has guided you
Birds of satisfaction flutter on Biban, your entrance ...
Here you are aiming good morning .. before you do not go and pray for you
And here it lights good evening ... in the eyes of your crescent ...
I from the night pick me .. my feeling for you and sing for you
I am from the morning I am saddened by sadness .. From the color of your loyalty
Forbidden night, what is night ..! If you are at night
And forbidden morning, what is morning ..! If you are your shadows
I went and said: Put my soul down .. on my palm and your hands
I removed the age from the lip of the soul, Nadalk
Please say: What is the difference in the face of your handkerchief ??
Spread the colors of spectral colors in it to the Albka Salik
My love, the separation does not make you cry or guide your tricks
I fear tears from your eyes, drying my image with your mind ..!
Come, I need to know you for days, and I complain to you
Spread the cloud of sadness and spread longing longing with you
Come and put in my heart the concerns of the difference and Achille
Because the heart is what is the heart, so what is in your pulse
Stop my tears from my eyes .. my father from your eyes cry for you
I fear crying from my eyes ..! Send Jit and your hall ..!

I return to you and I am anxious
Come back to you, holly
Come back to you
Get in your arms
Pour the tears abundantly and take care of your tenderness
It is to me other than you, dear
It is only you, O affectionate brother
Come back to you
To tell you about my trip and my absence
For my love and my longing
On my sorrow and my pain
To find you a medicine
To find you serenity
I feel like here

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