Oil transfer methods


  • 1 Oil transportation
  • 2 ways to transport oil
    • 2.1 Tanker transport
    • 2.2 Pipeline transportation
    • 2.3 Shipping or using tankers

Oil transportation

Petroleum materials are extracted and explored in many remote and remote areas of residential places in the majority of the countries of the world, which creates the need to provide transportation plans for oil raw materials, whether for export, sale, refining and distribution, and the transportation process requires a set of different and distinct means that have the ability to Transporting oil with a great degree of safety and security to reduce some problems such as combustion or ignition, or oil leakage, or the occurrence of major disasters due to any error or defect during the transportation process, so we will explain in this matter the methods of oil transportation.

Oil transfer methods

Tanker transport

This is done by transporting raw materials and their derivatives through tanks via rail or large trucks, and there must be specific specifications for the tanks used in the transportation process to ensure safety and security and calm the movement of raw materials during the transportation and traffic operations.

Pipeline transportation

This method maintains security, and accelerates the process of transporting oil because the path does not contain obstacles or barriers due to easy access to crude oil and refineries or ports, as well as with regard to oil products that are transported using oil pipelines, knowing that it is called the substance that They are transported, and it is an exaggeration to say that the renaissance in our time and the continuous development around the world is caused by the presence of pipelines that are about thousands of kilometers in length.

The oil tanker pipes are manufactured in different countries, and they are extended from or below the surface of the earth with the necessity of setting up explanatory and indicative signs to reduce risks and accidents, and pipes are placed on pillars installed in deserts and over the mountains, and any country can increase its length under the surface of the water, which assures us that Pipelines are found in all regions and geographical topography.

Sea transportation or using tankers

This method is used as a luxury method for the pipeline transportation in some regions, once the crude oil arrives from the places where it is produced and discovered at the ports of export to it, the workers resort to transporting it after completing the whole process of refining, so the necessity of using oil tankers, especially in the storage operations of companies and countries Take interest and quarters if prices go above normal.

The maritime transport box may be the most used method due to the difficulty of extending pipelines in large distances, for example in many countries of the Middle East there are oil production fields away from fields in America and Europe about 300 thousand km, which led to the necessity of using the method of marine tankers Because she was able to achieve the desired goals efficiently.

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