Oil and gas industry


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oil and gas

Initially, the oil is called different names, including black gold, or crude oil, and oil is a black liquid, which is flammable liquid, and is characterized by its high density, and the purity of the oil may appear, and its appearance, as well as its composition depending on the different place from which it was extracted .

Oil is considered the backbone of contemporary life due to the dependence of other aspects of life on it, as it is the main and main fuel without which life would not have taken its current form. Hence what appeared to be known as the term oil industry, which refers to the group of different operations that are carried out on oil; from exploration, extraction, Refining, transfer, and then marketing, as these operations aim to prepare this liquid to be employable and use in operating everything that depends on its work on it, and we will highlight the oil industry process.

Oil and gas industry

Oil industry operations

The oil industry includes many different processes that aim to extract oil and prepare it to be usable, and that the first stages of this industry are exploration for it, then drilling a well to extract it, and here it is worth noting that in some areas oil reaches the surface of the earth naturally.

After oil is extracted, the oil is subject to the refining process, which is a very necessary process through which the oil liquid is processed, and many vehicles are extracted, which are used in the manufacture of what are known as oil products, and the refining process is through which the oil is returned to its main components, then arranged once Others to reach results are completely different from the original.

After the production of petroleum products, they are transported from one place to another by means of oil transportation, such as tankers and pipes, to be marketed after that, and here it is worth noting that the more expensive petroleum products are: fuel oil and gasoline.

Natural gas industry operations

Natural gas is one of the main alternatives to oil, as it is considered one of the types of fuels that are highly efficient, in addition to its important advantage due to its negative impact on the environment.

Natural gas is extracted from wells that are very similar to oil wells. Hence, natural gas may come along with oil in the well itself, and it may come separately from it in its own well, and natural gas is located at a distance from the beaches, where it is transported by special pipes Collection points, then to special refineries, where some operations such as purification, treatment by some physical, chemical, and disposal of unwanted compounds such as mercury and sulfur compounds are performed.
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