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Marketing is a set of commercial operations that includes the distribution and sale of services or products, [1] and is defined as a way to organize the sale of goods by setting its prices and the means of advertising it. [2] Another definition of marketing is activities that make people aware of a company's products, and make sure that these products are available and can be purchased. [3]

Modern marketing methods

The issue of selling and marketing goods is an obsession among many merchants who aspire to excel in their trade and business, and the marketing process depends on a set of different means and methods in order to inform the customer or buyer of the benefits and advantages of the goods and services to be sold. The modern era witnessed technological developments that contributed to the emergence of many modern marketing methods applied by successful companies in order to market their products and ensure continued sale in the market , and to maintain customer satisfaction. Below is information on the most important of these methods:
  • Web pages (in English: Website): are online pages on the Internet that contain descriptions of an item or service intended for sale, and there are phrases that encourage individual buyers to apply appropriate purchase procedures, such as using the Buy Now option. [4]
  • Free Samples: It is the implementation of marketing by providing free samples of the marketing product. For example, when marketing a certain type of food, companies provide free samples of it to customers in order to try and encourage them to buy, and other examples of that include doctors ’clinics some hours. Free counseling and treatment. [4]
  • E-mail (in English: Email): It is one of the distinctive ways to present sales marketing offers to individuals, especially in the case of a list of clients who have submitted their e-mail addresses to the company , so many companies rely on sending monthly marketing messages containing the names of their products during the month, and these are distinguished The way customers quickly respond to it. [4]
  • Online advertising (English: Internet advertising ): It is a type of modern advertising that is better than ads published in newspapers and magazines, because it provides a set of excellent advertising options. [4]
  • Advertising using social media (English: Social Media Advertising): is the mastery of dealing with one of the media and social media in order to choose the most appropriate ones for customers, and these methods provide many tools that provide assistance for marketing. [5]

Modern Marketing Jobs

Marketing is concerned with the application of a number of modern jobs in its own areas of work, namely: [6]
  • Setting: It is a function that relies on the role of marketing in achieving parity in the process of trade by establishing demand that includes product development and planning , identifying buyers, promoting sales, and negotiating terms of sale, such as quality , prices, and quantities.
  • Buying: It is the interest in planning purchases through selecting ready-made products for sale, and collecting goods in a group that includes correct quantities and quantities, and at the appropriate time, location and price.
  • Degrees and metrics (English: Standardization and Grading): is the assurance of the quality of products, and their evaluation using degrees that contribute to the preference among their types based on a set of standards applied.
  • Financing (English: Financing): It is one of the important jobs that depend on providing financial resources for businesses by ensuring that there is continuous financing for them using appropriate techniques for applying financial management , and supporting cash flows, and marketing is interested in obtaining funding from a variety of sources.
  • Market Information (English: Market Information): Is obtaining market information related to the constantly changing conditions of marketing and relying on various reasons. Therefore, obtaining information about the market is necessary, and useful functions for marketing.

Marketing development stages

The concept of marketing was affected by several stages before it became clear and explicit, and here comes information on these stages: [7]
  • The stage of production orientation : it means that the demand for supply exceeds the quantity during the first quarter of the twentieth century AD, because the means of production were limited to providing market needs, so the interest of institutional owners became focused on developing productive means, and searching for appropriate sources of financing for investments, and it was not Marketing at this stage has any effective role, as it was considered an additional activity aimed at selling the growing production.
  • The stage of product orientation: is the stage in which firms' preoccupation remains dependent on the search for appropriate financing and new products through modern technology, where achieving the required satisfaction of consumer needs is far from institutions, which was convinced of the necessity of their presence in the market before other competitors; with the aim of maintaining Market continuation.
  • The stage of sales orientation : is the stage in which the supply exceeded the demand, and this was related to the idea that individuals will not be interested in buying unless there is a special incentive for products, but this thing did not depend on the opinions of individuals but rather was related to increasing efforts to accept products, so the institutions at this stage were characterized by a productive capacity So, I was keen to sell their products and not produce products that could be sold, and in light of the specific market conditions, a fundamental problem emerged, relying on the search for suitable customers, and these institutions did not find an option for them except by relying on publicity , so a belief spread that marketing is bitter. Advance for advertising and selling.
  • Marketing stage : is the stage in which the concept of marketing spread as a substitute for the philosophies used in the previous stages, as the promotion did not remain sufficient to deal with consumers, so the institutions are searching for the fulfillment of the needs of individuals in order to support the adaptation of their products with them, and this stage contributed to putting consumers with the highest priority. And, it depended on the idea that the diversity of the offer contributes to achieving the best fulfillment of desires and needs, where consumers contribute to giving value to the services and goods offered in front of them.

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