Mm is made of crude oil


  • 1 Crude oil hydrocarbons
  • 2 constituents of crude oil
  • 3 Classification of crude oil according to the sulfur content
  • 4 References

Crude oil hydrocarbons

There are four main types of hydrocarbons found in crude oil. These hydrocarbons are: [1]
  • Paraffins range between 15-60%.
  • Naphthalene by 30-60%.
  • Aromatics by 3-30%.
  • Asphalt makes up the rest.

The constituent elements of crude oil

Petroleum consists of the following basic elements: [1]
  • Carbon is between 83% -87%
  • Hydrogen by 10% -14%
  • Nitrogen: 0.1% -2%
  • Oxygen by 0.05% -1.5%
  • Sulfur by 0.05% -6.0%
  • Minerals are less than 0.1%, and the most common minerals are iron, nickel, copper, and vanadium.

Classification of crude oil according to the sulfur content

Crude oil can be classified as sweet or sour depending on the level of sulfur in it, which is present either in the form of sulfur or in compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, and sweet crude oil contains 0.5% or less of sulfur in relation to its weight, and sour crude oil contains A sulfur content equal to 1% or more of its weight. The more sulfur in the crude oil, the more heavier it is. The excess sulfur is usually removed from the crude oil during its refining because the sulfur oxides released into the atmosphere during the combustion of the oil are among the main pollutants . [2]

Crude oil in West Texas is considered to be of high quality because it is light in weight and contains a small amount of sulfur. This oil is often referred to as sweet light crude oil and these properties make it good for making gasoline and there is a mixture called Brent mixture, it is a mixture of crude oil consisting of fifteen fields of Various oil fields in the North Sea, which is less light and sweeter than the crude oil found in West Texas, and is also good for making gasoline . It is refined in northwestern Europe, and is the standard for crude oil in Europe or Africa. [3]

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