Means of health protection

the health

Health is one of the most important constituents that enable a person to live in a healthy way, away from all diseases and problems that are accompanied by symptoms, some of which constitute a real threat to human life, which necessitates their preservation, by adhering to healthy habits and medical guidelines in various areas of life, on the grounds that the dirham Prevention is better than a pound of cure.

It is necessary to be convinced that the health of the internal organs of the body is directly reflected on its organs and its external appearance, therefore it is imperative to strive to maintain the physical health of the body, as well as the integrity of the internal vital processes alike, and here is a detailed presentation of the most prominent ways to maintain health.

Means of health protection

  • Following a healthy and healthy diet, and completely moving away from foods that are harmful to health, by focusing on eating natural ingredients, and away from foods rich in artificial additives for taste and color, which contain preservatives and anti-oxidants, etc., where you must focus on foods that supply the body with elements He needs it in the right quantities, including vitamins, minerals, acids, salts and more.
  • Doing exercise regularly, at a rate of no less than three times a week or for a specified period of time per day.
  • Drink sufficient quantities of water, at an average of no less than two liters per day for an adult, to ensure cell regeneration and to prevent the body from drying out.
  • Sleeping for sufficient hours, and at a rate of no less than eight hours per day for an adult, as sleep is considered a basis for maintaining the body's balance, and for ensuring the safety of vital processes and various mental functions.
  • Adhere to the standards of personal hygiene, in terms of daily showering, wearing appropriate clothes, and ensuring that hair is removed periodically to prevent the accumulation of pathogens.
  • Avoid smoking, to maintain the health of the lungs and heart, and not to consume the alcohol that leads to the destruction of the liver.
  • Recreation, to ensure the disposal of negative energy resulting from the various pressures of life, and the exercise of meditation exercises, such as yoga and others.
  • Avoid saturated foods to prevent harmful cholesterol from rising in the blood.
  • Avoid high blood pressure and serious pathogens, such as cancer and others.
  • Exposure to sunlight in the early morning hours, to benefit from the high concentration of vitamin D, which maintains bone health and physical strength in general.
  • Relaxing oneself, and ensuring anxiety and negative feelings are relieved by practicing meditation exercises such as yoga and taking leave after performing tasks that require a long period and great effort to ensure psychological stability.

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