Making a healthy and fast diet


  • 1 healthy and fast diet
    • 1.1 The first day
    • 1.2 The second day
    • 1.3 The third day
    • 1.4 Fourth day
    • 1.5 Fifth Day
    • 1.6 The Sixth Day
    • 1.7 Seventh Day

Healthy and fast diet

In the last decades, a lot of dieting methods have appeared that lead to a large number of kilograms of weight loss in a short period of time, which often led to pathological conditions due to their lack of inclusion of the elements, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that the body needs to do its job to the fullest extent. Therefore, many nutrition experts resorted to defining healthy, varied and integrated diet plans and methods that help to lose weight quickly while maintaining the rate of nutrients entering the body within the normal range. Below is a detailed explanation of a healthy, fast and integrated diet.

This dieting extends to seven days and requires drinking at least two liters of water every day. The dieting aims to reduce the size of the stomach significantly, which makes it unable to receive large quantities of food and the person is satisfied with small quantities to reach the level of saturation, and also contributes to disposal Of solid fat deposited in the body.

First day

Breakfast consists of two boiled eggs and a grain of cucumber in addition to two or three pieces of your favorite mortadella, and breakfast is fixed in all days of accursed with the possibility of switching cucumber lettuce, while lunch is a medium size dish of fresh vegetable salad provided that it does not contain Tomatoes or carrots, while dinner consists of a piece of medium-sized roast beef steak with a small bowl of curdled milk.

the second day

The second day begins with the same breakfast on the first day. As for lunch, it contains a roasted or boiled skinless chest and a bowl of curdled milk with flax powder. The dinner also contains two boiled eggs and a salad bowl of green vegetables.

the third day

Breakfast is eaten on time, and at lunch any type of low-fat cheese is reasonably estimated without overeating. On dinner, a chicken breast or a piece of fat-free meat is desired as desired.

the fourth day

Breakfast is eaten as specified previously. As for lunch, it is eaten from two to three fruits, and kiwis are preferred. Dinner consists of a can of tuna without oil with a bowl of curdled milk.

The fifth day

Breakfast is eaten as usual, while lunch is made from boiled vegetables, and a small bowl of chicken shawarma is served for dinner without bread.

the sixth day

Keep breakfast, boast steak with a bowl of green salad, and repeat the fourth day dinner.

the seventh day

The usual breakfast is based, and the lunch consists of grilled chicken breast and zalib Rib salad, while dinner consists of a cup of fresh milk and two pieces of mortadella.

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