Maintaining a healthy body


  • 1 healthy food
  • 2 exercises
  • 3 Sufficient sleep
  • 4 Reduce stress
  • 5 protect the skin
  • 6 Visit the doctor regularly
  • 7 References

Healthy food

Focusing on healthy , untreated food , diversification in meals between vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, oils and milk products, and eating them in a moderate manner helps to obtain the body's nutrient needs and maintain a healthy weight , while in the case of excess weight, Obesity and metabolic problems should be avoided from carbohydrate sources to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. [1]


Regular exercise helps control healthy weight, lose body fat, as well as reduce stress, improve mood, raise self-confidence, maintain body and mind health, and protect against many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and stroke. Stroke), and high blood pressure, and helps improve the condition of chronic Arthritis patients. [2]

enough sleep

Good and deep sleep is very important to the health of the body, and the lack of sleep is closely related to problems in the body such as obesity and heart disease, and in the event of not sleeping well, you should visit the doctor to make sure that there are no problems related to sleep, and the following must be observed: [1]
  • Set a specific time for sleep and wake up daily.
  • Reduce lighting several hours before bed.
  • Turn off the lighting during sleep.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine drinks in the evening.

Reducing stress

Reducing stress by breathing deeply, practicing relaxation exercises, meditation, strengthening social ties, and talking to others, in addition to putting warm compresses on the neck and shoulders, and it should be noted that listening to calm music reduces the speed of the pulse, and blood pressure, And anxiety. [3]

Protect the skin

To protect the skin, exposure to sunlight should be moderate, use sunscreen, and choose its type carefully, especially as exposure to sunlight may be a cause of skin diseases such as skin cancer. [4]

Visit a doctor regularly

It is worth visiting the doctor to conduct periodic checks that ensure maintaining the health of the body in the long term, in addition to following up tests related to diabetes, cholesterol in the blood, and measuring blood pressure regularly to prevent any diseases and problems with age. [5]

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