Lake Manzala


  • 1 Lake Manzala site
  • 2 The importance of Lake Manzala
  • 3 lake feeders
  • 4 problems facing the lake
  • 5 References

Lake Manzala site

Lake Manzala is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt , specifically in the northeastern part of the delta of the Nile River, and it extends to connect with three governorates: Port Said Governorate, Dakahlia Governorate, and Damietta Governorate, [1] knowing that the lake shares its eastern borders with the Suez Canal, and borders it From the western side, Damietta branch, and from the north side the Mediterranean, which is considered one of the largest fresh lakes, with an area of ​​about 404.69 square kilometers, and its depth reaches 1.15 meters. [2]

The importance of Lake Manzala

The lake is distinguished by its diversity of regions; it contains shallow areas, and areas that are characterized by the widening of the surface in it, and the importance of the lake stems from being home to migratory birds; for breeding, and providing water and food, as it contains different types of fish, [3] knowing that one of the most important fish It contains: tilapia, mullet family, whiteness, carp grass, shrimp, and crab. The lake is also home to many different types of birds, in addition to that the lake is distinguished by its ability to prevent the entry of sea water and its penetration into agricultural lands, which means that it represents the wall of p Pay her. [1]

Lake nourishing sources

There are several sources of water feeding to Lake Manzala, which are: [1]
  • The old and new beautiful Boughaz: The lake is fed with salt water through a canal located at the El Raswa Bridge, where the canal connects between the Suez Canal and Port Said.
  • Al-Deeb Boughah (Al-Saffara): Al-Dibba Boughah feeds the Al-Dibba Triangle area located in Damietta Governorate, where there are holes in the Al-Dibba Triangle that connect it to the sea.
  • Al-Rattma Canal and Al-Saffarah Canal: The lake is fed with mixed water through the salty part located in Damietta branch.
  • Sheroub Water: This water is derived from four sources, namely: Bahr al-Cow cow drainage, which is a major source of lake pollution with sewage, and the Cypress drainage bank; it is an agricultural bank located in Damietta Governorate, and Hadous Bank; it is an agricultural bank that separates Sharqiya Governorate, Dakahlia Governorate, And Ramses Bank, which is an agricultural bank located in the Dakahlia Governorate.

The problems facing the lake

Lake Manzala faces a range of problems, the most important of which are: [4]
  • Lake space shrinkage, due to erosion, bulldozing and drying of the soil.
  • Lake water pollution, due to wastewater discharge, and sewage, industrial, and agricultural wastewater.
  • The presence of aquatic plants, such as: roses of the Nile, and weeds, and their growth in the lake, which hindered the movement of the lake's water and affected the fish wealth found there.

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