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Internet Explorer features

The Internet Explorer browser is one of the leading international search engines and one of the products of Microsoft Corporation, the American leader in the world of computer systems. This browser has become one of the most used portals to access the world of the Internet after its launch in 1995, where 11 copies were issued between the years 1995 AD And 2013, in July 1995 AD was version number 1 as a version of Windows 95 until November of the same year that witnessed the release of version number 2, which was appropriate for both operating systems Apple Macintosh computers and Microsoft Windows, and by 1996 it was the third version of Browser in progress In addition to its new components compared to the previous versions, such as e-mail, news, and Windows Media PlayerAnd the image player program and many additions, but the fourth version that was born in the year 1997 AD was more interactive with the operating systems of Windows (Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT), which replaced the email system and news with a single program called Outlook Express , while the fifth version was in In 1998 AD, and the sixth edition was launched in 2001, in conjunction with the release of the Windows versionXP, which was characterized by high performance, has a lot of security and privacy for its users, but the year 2006 witnessed the emergence of the seventh version that was compatible with Windows Vista until the eighth edition came in 2009, which gave great added support and browsing to the Internet. In 2011, Microsoft invented the ninth version, which contained a new technology, the inclusion of the hypertext, and in the same year the tenth version was in operation, but in 2013, the eleventh version was in use, particularly on touch screens such as smartphones and tablets, but Microsoft I launched a new browser version with the Internet Explorer under the name Microsoft Edge in the year 2016 AD. [1]

Disadvantages of Internet Explorer

What is wrong with the Internet Explorer browser is that it works slowly, especially modern versions of it, so that it constitutes a loophole with regard to the level of security on the privacy of its users and is easy to penetrate by hackers . Among the most prominent defects of this browser we mention the following: [2]
  • Slow browsing speed for websites.
  • Few tools added to the toolbar.
  • Inability to read the contents of many websites.

Microsoft's most prominent products

  • Program a Skype For the Business .
  • Program of the Exchange Server .
  • Program Dynamics the ERP .
  • Program of the Microsoft Azure .
  • Program of the SharePoint Server .
  • SQL Server software .
  • Windows Client software .
  • Program of the Microsoft Suite is the Office .
  • Program of the Office 365 .
  • Windows Server software .

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